P5 Indoor Hall Led Screen

P5 Indoor Hall Led Screen

Price: 9.500.000 d

Code: màn hình LED P5.0

Status: Stocking

  • Origin: China -Taiwain
  • Brand: Shenzhen Brighter
  • Type: P5 . Hall LED Display
  • Module size: 160X320 (H x Width)
  • Graphics management IC: 5124 or equivalent
  • Module resolution: 32 x 64 = 2048 (pixels)
  • Pixcels per square meter (pixels): 40,440 pixels
  • Number of Modules/m2: 16 modules
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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P5 indoor LED screen (Indoor) is a type of LED screen with a physical distance between pixels of 5mm and a rather soft brightness (>2000 mcd) to help viewers' eyes not be tired. This type of LED display is used for indoor installation to bring great experiences at the most reasonable cost.

So why is the indoor P5 LED screen (Indoor) installed in the meeting room the choice of many customers? Let's find out with Hoang Sa Viet through the article below

Outstanding advantages of P5 (Indoor) hall LED display

P5 Indoor meeting room LED screen (Source: internet)

LED screens are often used to install in meeting rooms and halls, which is a type of LED screen with good brightness, not blurred, glare and clearly see the content to be conveyed. Indoor P5 LED screen (Indoor) also meets the same features:

  • Sharp images, true-to-life colors: P5 LED screen has a pixel density of 40,000dot/m2 and displays up to 281 trillion colors for clear and vivid projection images.

  • Indoor P5 LED screen has high brightness (4-5 times higher than conventional TVs), for quality images with a minimum distance of 5m.

  • Compared with other types of indoor LED screens , P5 Led screen gives the best efficiency in terms of investment, quick return on capital and simple maintenance and repair costs.

  • In addition, an outstanding advantage of the indoor P5 LED display is the ability to operate up to 100,000 hours in conditions of use 24/24 thanks to modern SMD2121 bulbs that bring many benefits to the units. business services.

Notes when installing LED screen P5 (Indoor)

Before proceeding with the installation of LED screen, customers need to determine enough information to note with a professional LED screen supplier . Based on the information provided by the customer, the construction unit will advise and choose the most suitable solution, saving costs and ensuring construction progress. Preliminary information that customers need to determine before installation includes

LED screen in the hall, meeting room P5 Indoor (Source: Internet)
  • Purpose of using LED screen: LED screen used for meeting room for what purpose? Video slideshow? Presentation files? Use as an alternative to backdrop?...

  • Assembly type: there are two types of LED display assembly as fixed assembly and mobile assembly. Normally, the LED screen used for the meeting room is a fixed assembly, using a male foot-mounted system and a galvanized iron frame system.

  • Installation size: customers need to provide the installation unit with the LED screen size for the installation unit to calculate and consider the accompanying accessories. Dimensions include: width, height, how far from the ground is the LED screen, how many meters from the source,...?

Before installing P5 Led screen for meeting rooms, halls of agencies, organizations and businesses, customers need to note a few issues as follows:

Construction of meeting room LED screen (Source: Internet)

✔ Choose a reputable unit to install Led screen

"Choosing to send gold", choosing a quality and reputable LED screen installation unit brings many advantages to businesses and organizations. The LED display installation units have accumulated enough experience to handle projects from small to large. In addition, customers are also given enthusiastic advice, in-depth analysis to save costs and significantly reduce the risks encountered.

✔ Accurately determine the factors affecting the installation of Led screen

This stage is similar to laying the foundation for an installation project, if the foundation is firm and correct, the construction time and progress will be more economical, while minimizing risks during the installation process.

✔ Find out the information of P5 Led screen to monitor

The Led screen construction unit is responsible for the entire project, but customers can also conduct project supervision when they know the information of the P5 Led screen in the house.

Contact information for installation of Led screen P5

Hotline: 0913.222.075 VND

Email: tuanpham@hoangsaviet.com

Website: hoangsaviet.com

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