✔ Construction and Installation of Indoor & Outdoor LED Screens

Welcome to Hoang Sa Viet LED Display . You are wishing to learn about LED Screens . Or you are in need of construction and installation of LED screens for your project. But when I found out, I found that the LED screen is a very special product, there are many specifications, installation, operation and maintenance procedures that are not common. Therefore, you cannot avoid worries. Accordingly, Hoang Sa Viet LED Display Company will work with you to find out the necessary information to choose the most suitable, cheap and economical product lines. First of all, Hoang Sa Viet and you will find out briefly what LED screen is?

✔ What is LED display

LED screen is a type of screen that uses LED Display Screen technology . When stacked close together 3 3-color LEDs (RGB) use SMD technology, to create a pixel called Pixels . Stack a lot of these Pixels together to form LED display modules. When multiple LED MODULEs are paired together, they form a large LED screen with no size limit. This type of display is often referred to as a dedicated LED display. They are used to make billboards, or display information in commercial spaces, stadiums, indoor & outdoor performance stages, restaurants, weddings, convention centers, meeting rooms, courtyards. airport, train station, bus station, and other public areas...

Curved LED display module
Curved LED display module
Construction of large LED screen
Structure Large size LED screen used in home & hall

✔ Structure of LED screen

The LED screen is composed of 5 main parts as follows:

✔ Working principle of LED screen

LED Display works as follows: First, the DC power supply will power the entire system. Then there is the Video Processor signal processor, which will transmit the image from the computer to the LED screen through the Sending Card , also known as the transmission card.The next ( Receiver card) , also known as the receiving card, will receive the image from the computer and send the image to the LED Module, for display, called the Scan process, also known as scanning pixels. Because the scanning speed is very fast. So the human eye will only see a full image without flickering.

Working principle of LED display
Describe the operating principle of LED screen

✔ Large size LED display classification

To distinguish large-format LED screens from computer monitors, LED TV screens & LCD TVs, projector screens...

Large LED display is defined as a dedicated LED display (also known as a commercial LED display). Specialized LED screens are divided into 3 main product lines below:

Outdoor advertising LED display

Also known as the Outdoor screen, it is waterproof, used outdoors, has good brightness and contrast, allowing clear and vivid images to be displayed at a distance, helping to attract attention. customer's intention and create better advertising effect.

Indoor LED display

Also known as Indoor screen. Used indoors, no water resistance, moderate brightness, good contrast, vivid, sharp image display, often used as LED screens in halls, meeting rooms...

LED screen for the hall stage

Is a product line commonly used for halls, performance stages, event stages. This product line is usually the type with removable, easily removable cabinets, professional for performances. The cabinet size of the stage LED screen is usually 500*500mm, to facilitate flexible assembly, and move to many locations. In addition, LED screens for stage performances and events also have 2 special product lines which are:

Curved LED screen is widely used in 3D presentation events

Transparent LED screen used to create special effects for the stage.

Large outdoor advertising LED screen
Large outdoor advertising LED screen (we construct and install)

✔ Advantages and disadvantages of large format LED screens

As analyzed above, it is clear that the LED screen is a new technology product, it has become popular and gradually replaced the old LCD video walls. However, for dedicated LED display products, both advantages and disadvantages still exist:

✓ The advantages of large size LED screen:

  • There are customizable sizes horizontally, vertically, diverse designs to serve many different purposes.
  • High brightness, good contrast, vivid colors and good 3D interactivity. Serve for indoor and especially outdoor advertising purposes.
  • Can be disassembled, moved to many places, flexible design changes to serve well for stage, performance and wedding restaurant decoration...
stage decoration LED screen
Stage decoration LED screen constructed by Hoang Sa Viet

Disadvantages of large size LED screen:

  • Large LED screens are constructed and installed by many different units. Therefore, the quality of the product depends largely on the design, construction and installation experience.
  • Dedicated LED screens are assembled by separate components, so the quality of components if not well controlled will affect the quality of the screen.
  • Commercial LED displays require high investment costs, complex operation and maintenance costs.
  • Outdoor LED display has high brightness, which means a large amount of power consumption.
Operation and maintenance of outdoor led screen repair
Operation, maintenance and repair of outdoor led screens (Hoang Sa Viet)

✔ Experience in indoor LED screen construction

✓ Choose just enough resolution to avoid waste

The resolution of the indoor stage LED screen is the total number of pixels displayed on the screen and is commonly referred to as pixels. The larger these indicators are, the more detailed the display will be. Corresponding to the larger the number of pixels, the higher the price. To achieve a best viewing threshold. For hall LED display need minimum resolution 1024*768. However, now, with each different project, there will be different requirements. The higher the resolution, the more detailed and sharp the screen, but corresponding to the higher the price. For example: (P2 screen is better than P2.5), (P2.5 is sharper than P3.0), (P4.0 is sharper than P5.0) if calculated on the same area of ​​the screen.

✓ Choose reasonable LED screen brightness.

The brightness of the indoor hall stage LED display needs to be in the range of 800-1200CD/m2. The higher the brightness, the higher the price. Brightness can be maximized or reduced to a minimum. Outdoor screens usually have a brightness of about 3,000-5000CD/m2. Note that outdoor LED screens should not be used for indoor use because the cost will be higher and the image will not be color-standard. Because the outdoor LED screen has high brightness, it is prone to glare, therefore, it must be reduced to very low brightness, resulting in unbalanced contrast.

✓ LED screen life for a good investment

According to the manufacturer, the lifespan of a genuine LED screen, if properly assembled and used correctly, the screen life will be: 100000 hours. However, in fact, the average life expectancy is from 3 to 10 years depending on the type. For some genuine LED display. The quality can be used for about 6 years without worrying about damage. Or if damaged, it can be easily replaced. Some more advanced LED screens can be used for up to 10 years such as high-end product lines of LG, Samsung, Panasonic...

✓ Operation process of hall LED screen.

Operating and maintaining the LED display is a routine and not easy job. After the unit provides the LED screen to you, there will be instructions for you to operate. LED screens are usually warranted for 12-24 Months depending on the contract. After the warranty expires, the cost per year will be about 3% of the cost of installing LED screens.

✓ Select screen type (P) to avoid waste

The purpose of use will help the best generalization so that the installation and construction consultant will choose the most reasonable type of LED screen. More importantly, it is cheap, no waste, easy to operate, maintain and save costs, and quickly recover capital. Here are some suggestions for indoor LED display as follows:

  • Small meeting rooms with a capacity of less than 20 people should use P1.2 indoor LED screen

  • The meeting room has a capacity of about 50 people, so LED P2.0 indoor should be used

  • The large hall stage has a capacity of about 100 people, so choose LED P2.5 indoor

  • Large hall stage with a capacity of over 200 people should choose P3.0, P3.91, P4.0

  • Wedding restaurant, conference center should choose P3.0, P3.91, P4.0

install LED screen in Hai Phong
install LED screen in Hai Phong (Hoang Sa Viet)

✔ Outdoor LED display installation process

✓ Survey the installation location of outdoor LED signs

This is an extremely important step before going into the construction and installation of outdoor advertising LED signs. Hoang Sa Viet takes this step extremely carefully, we collect and clearly define what the needs are.

  • Types of installation screens: Which product line?

  • Assembly type: Fixed or portable.

  • Installation size: What is the width, height.

  • Do you need decorative trim?

  • How many meters away from the ground is the LED screen, how many meters from the power source, how far from the control center is the work to calculate the signal transmission plan...

install led screen at Vung Tau
LED screen installation project in Ba Ria Vung Tau is in charge of Hoang Sa Viet company

Such a clear identification of customer needs not only helps to best prepare equipment for installation, but alsobáo giá màn hình LED The most accurate estimate, unifying the installation plan, but also showing the professionalism of the company.

Design drawing construction outdoor LED panel

After the actual survey, Hoang Sa Viet prepares equipment to start the installation of LED screens. Important devices for LED display include:

  • Type and quantity of LED modules or Cabinet

  • Type and quantity of decorative materials: Alu, stainless steel, wood,...

  • Outdoor video card.

  • Power cord, network wire to the controller, network cable connecting the card

  • Other supporting devices: Screws, pliers, screwdrivers,...

✓ Construction and installation of outdoor LED panels

When all the steps of surveying and preparing materials are completed, the outdoor LED screen construction will be carried out. Here are 3 general steps that Hoang Sa Viet takes for an LED screen installation project :

  • Manicure reinforced outdoor LED display frame

  • Install outdoor LED display

  • Custom advertising LED screen decorative border.

Install P3.91 LED screen for PT2000 Fashion Shop
Installing P3.91 LED screen for PT2000 Fashion Shop (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

✓ Handing over operating instructions for outdoor billboards

After completing the assembly stage, Hoang Sa Viet conducted a general inspection of the installed work. Proceed to turn on the power and install via the computer, set up the screen to test the content before completing and handing over the technology to the project owner.

Depending on the specific project, to test the LED screen, the time usually ranges from 12 hours to 24 hours continuously. At this stage, Hoang Sa Viet will be responsible for supporting customers in the most detailed and careful way so that the LED screen can achieve the best quality.

✓ Periodic inspection and maintenance of LED display

Hoang Sa Viet pays great attention to the warranty and maintenance stage. During use, if you find the LED screen error, we will replace the error location, fix the problem immediately after receiving the request and finally check and retest the LED screen to The absolute best quality is guaranteed.

✔ Price list for installation of LED screens

With more than 10 years of experience in consulting, deploying and installing LED screens for stage, indoor & outdoor LED screens, Hoang Sa Viet is fortunate to receive the trust of many large companies and units. nationwide. We are confident to be one of the most reputable and professional LED screen suppliers and installers today. Below is a price list (for reference) for specialized LED screens designed, constructed and installed in Hoang Sa Viet.

Species In the home Hall stage Out side
P2.0 . LED Display See price See price See price
P2.5 . LED Display See price See price See price
P3.0 . LED Display See price See price See price
P3.91 . LED Display See price See price See price
P4.0 . LED Display See price See price See price
P5.0 . LED Display See price See price See price

Reference price list of LED screens

✔ Estimate the cost of installing the LED screen package

In addition to the reference price list above. So that you can estimate the cost of installing LED screens with accuracy up to 99%. You can refer to the automatic quotation system of Hoang Sa Viet company. This is an automatic quotation program applying virtual assistant technology, updating Real Time prices according to the market. Will help you make quotations for construction and installation packages, with accuracy up to 99%. Without fear of additional costs or waiting time for units to update the latest price list.

✔ Introducing Hoang Sa Viet LED screen company

With the working motto PROFESSIONAL, PRESTIGE, CLEAR, TRANSPARENT. Hoang Sa Viet LED display company has carried out many projects, installation projects of LED screens for large domestic and foreign organizations such as: VSIP, Becamex, Intel. TTC group. VinGroup...By intelligent and accurate quotation system. Hoang Sa Viet can provide instant quotes by automatic quotation system with accuracy and reliability up to 99%. Prices can be found here: https://hoangsaviet.com/bao-gia-man-hinh-led.

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