Outdoor Moving Head Beam 380

Outdoor Moving Head Beam 380

Code: 380 Outdoor

Status: Stocking

  • Brand: Brighter
  • Height: 67 cm
  • Width: 39cm
  • Depth: 32 cm
  • Weight: 25 kgs
  • 1 year warranty
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Outdoor Moving Head Beam 380

  • Color temperature: 8000K
  • Lens: Yilong optical lens
  • Horizontal : 540°
  • Vertical : 270°
  • Light source: 470 W
  • Total power: 500W
  • Waterproof grade: IP65
  • DMX512 . signal control
  • Color palette: 13 colors plus white light and a two-way speed-changing rainbow effect available.
  • Rotating sample plate: 17 fixed sample plates (3 glass sample positions) plus white light.
  • Atomization : 1 Mirror
  • Atomization Bifocal : 8+16 prisms or 8+8 prisms for bidirectional speed change rotation Reduce
  • Light : 0-100% Click
  • Flashes: 1-13 times/second
  • Focus : Electronic focus
  • Light output angle: 1.9°-3°
  • Control panel: LCD touch button
  • Appearance: Patented product with a completely PV+ fiber plastic outer shell
  • Hanging : Can be hung
  • Net weight: 25kg
  • Size: 39*32*67

Head beam light series

A head beam, also known as a moving head beam, is a type of light used to illuminate different large and small stages. For the stage lighting system, the use of head beam lights is a necessity.

Classification of Head Beams

The head beam line is divided into 2 categories:

Indoor head beam lights are also known as indoor head beam lights.

Indoor head beam lights are used and installed at indoor events such as restaurants, weddings, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, new product launches - service introductions,...

Some lines of head beam in the house Hoang Sa Viet are providing such as:

  1. 230 . Moving Head Beam
  2. Moving Head Beam Lamp EC 15R 330 3in1 yellow black
  3. Moving Head Beam 10R 280 3in1
  4. Moving Head Beam 5R 200 ,.....

Head beam outdoor light with another name is the outdoor Head beam light.

Outdoor Head beam lights are widely used in events such as exhibition events, product displays; festivals, festivals, celebrations; opening and inauguration events; team building events, experiential activities; music festival, music performance;...

Hoang Sa Viet AVL specializes in providing all kinds of stage lights

Hoang Sa Viet AVL specializes in providing event equipment:

  1. Sound
  2. Light
  3. LED screen
  4. Mobile stage
  5. Mobile stands
  6. Aluminum Truss Frame

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