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  • Table of Contents

    1. How does a quick quote for buying (automatic) lighting work?
    2. Why run a quote to help install lighting equipment - spotlights reduce risk
    3. Compare the pros and cons between manual and automatic quotes
    4. Some parameters to know when using a quote to buy lighting equipment
    5. The process of purchasing and installing lighting systems at Hoang Sa Viet company

    Hoang Sa Viet Company is known as a reputable supplier of equipment for events such as sound systems, lighting, LED screens, event tents, event stages and aluminum alloy truss frames. Through the process of accumulating experience and strong development in the Vietnamese market, Hoang Sa Viet company has launched a very unique technology product for:

    • Young people want to learn about event equipment
    • Hotels, restaurants, wedding parties want to install lighting systems for events
    • Companies, businesses, schools need to install hall lighting systems
    • Karaoke rooms, bars - discos need to install lighting systems for business

    Quick quote to buy light equipment (automatic) How does it work?

    Quick quotation for buying (automatic) lighting equipment is built based on the practical experience of Hoang Sa Viet sound and light company based on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology according to the school of reasoning. : Apply reasoning abilities to reach a conclusion. This is considered the beginning of the sound and light industry, making it faster and easier to quote and install lighting equipment - stage lights, with 99% efficiency.

    HSV lắp đặt hệ thống ánh sáng cho sự kiện
    HSV lắp đặt hệ thống ánh sáng sự kiện

    Based on the needs and purposes of use, customers will provide the quotation with the necessary information. From there, the computer will infer and select the data (database) from more than 10,000 previously loaded data to pull out recommendations for customers. This job will be processed quickly and sent to your email, helping you understand the cost without long waiting.

    Hệ thống ánh sáng sự kiện được đội ngũ kỹ thuật lắp đặt và chạy chương trình
    Hệ thống ánh sáng sự kiện được kỹ thuật lắp đặt và chạy chương trình

    The quick quotation system for buying lighting equipment (automatic) is always updated regularly by the engineers of Hoang Sa Viet company, increasing the quantity and quality so that the automatic quotation program becomes more and more intelligent. more exactly.

    Why run a quote to help install light equipment - spotlights reduce risk

    Using a quick quote to buy lighting equipment - stage lights (automatically) will help minimize errors in the calculation process of sales staff, and limit unnecessary mistakes in the process. contract performance.

    The quick quotation to buy lighting equipment (automatic) was completed and completed by the sound and light engineers of Hoang Sa Viet company, replacing up to 95% of the staff's labor. This will be a new step in the industry, making the contract implementation process of both parties clear and transparent.

    Compare the pros and cons between manual quotes and automatic quotes for buying lighting equipment - spotlights

    ✔ Manual quotes received from consultants

    To buy equipment and install lighting systems, customers always need to know the reasonable cost, then calculate and choose the right solution. People tend to immediately contact the suppliers and installers of the lighting system to get a quote and compare between units.

    Pros: flexibility in the process of exchanging and answering questions.

    Cons: customers take a lot of time in the process of contacting and receiving a quote, and at the same time, there must be consideration and choice between countless types of quotes and different costs.

    ✔ Automatic quotation for buying light equipment - spotlights

    Hoang Sa Viet Sound and Light Company provides a quick quotation system to buy lighting equipment - stage lights to help customers optimize time, and at the same time calculate the price to buy lighting equipment - yard lights. and select the most suitable solution. This activity not only brings many benefits to businesses, but also helps customers understand each product, details and parameters to provide customers with a certain amount of knowledge before starting to deploy. project..

    Đội ngũ nhân sự công ty Hoàng Sa Việt
    Đội ngũ nhân sự công ty Hoàng Sa Việt

    Some parameters to know when using a quote for lighting equipment

    Purpose of use

    Based on the installation needs for customers to choose in this section. Based on synthetic sources from many years, lighting engineers divide the purpose of use into categories such as: hall stage light, wedding stage light, Karaoke room light, Bar - Disco light, event rental lighting. The purposes of use help the system initially use data and analysis to choose the number and type of lights that are most appropriate and close to reality.

    Lamp brand

    Goodwill: Goodwill is a famous lamp brand from China. With more than 14 years in the market, goodwill always brings quality lights for events, stages and entertainment.

    DTS-Lighting: established in 1980, DTS products are manufactured according to Italian technological lines. The brand always brings comprehensive lighting solutions for many spaces, with many domestic and international audiences.

    ACME is one of the pioneering brands of professional stage lighting, established in 1985. ACME products are researched, manufactured and distributed widely in over 70 countries and regions around the world.

    PR Lighting is a lighting brand established in 1984 with the world's leading number of high-quality, high-tech products. PR Lighting products are distinguished by design, production line and product quality. The brand has an extensive distribution network with more than 100 countries in Asia, Europe, South and North America.

    Area of ​​the performance area (stage)

    This is the actual size of the stage or performance area to install the lighting system. Knowing this information, the quotation will calculate to give suitable solutions on the number of lights. From there, helping customers save can help customers optimize costs as well as time to choose the most suitable solution.

    Mixer brand

    On the market today, there are many types of light mixers from popular brands to high-end. However, there will be brands and products that are always preferred by customers

    With practical experience, HSV lighting technicians offer the following popular products. Depending on your needs, you should consider choosing the right mixer type

    Seamless hanging frame

    The hanging frame is a truss pillar used to hang stage lighting equipment. The lights are hung on the stage according to a certain structure and layout, ensuring the quality of lighting.

    Depending on the area and structure of the stage, customers choose the appropriate hanging frame. Types of hanging frames include:

    • Truss straight to ceiling

    • Truss curved (round) ceiling

    • Straight Truss removable removable

    • Dome (curved) portable stage

    • Portable stage canopy

    Lắp đặt hệ thống ánh sáng Lavela SaiGon Hotel
    Hệ thống ánh sáng Lavela Sài Gòn Hotel

    Types of frames

    Customers should choose the type of truss frame to hang the lights depending on their needs and costs. The larger the truss frame, the stronger the structure will be. Hoang Sa Viet provides all kinds of truss frames for hanging lights with the following sizes: 250x250; 300x300, 350x350, 400x400, 400x600, 600x700,...

    Additional equipment

    In addition, in the quotation, Hoang Sa Viet company also provides additional equipment. For example: smoke machine, tinsel machine, flamethrower, .... helping customers to complete their system.

    ✅ Procedure for purchasing and installing lighting equipment of Hoang Sa Viet company

    ✔ Site survey

    After approving the quotation and having the agreement of both parties. Hoang Sa Viet Company will conduct a survey to come up with the final construction plan, and at the same time adjust the quotation to buy lighting equipment if costs arise or reduce unnecessary costs.

    ✔ Make a deposit

    After the two parties agree and carry out the project, the customer will deposit 40% of the contract value so that we can prepare and install all the necessary installation equipment for your project.

    ✔ Transport equipment and materials to the project

    Technicians of Hoang Sa Viet company will synthesize all necessary equipment and transport them to the installation site. Guaranteed project progress!

    Lắp đặt hệ thống ánh sáng tại nhà hàng tiệc cưới Ngọc Hoa Trang
    Lắp đặt hệ thống ánh sáng tại nhà hàng tiệc cưới Ngọc Hoa Trang
    Lắp đặt hệ thống ánh sáng tại nhà hàng tiệc cưới Ngọc Hoa Trang

    ✔ 2nd stage payment

    Before installing the project, the customer will pay another 30% of the contract value., Hoang Sa Viet will begin to install the project.

    ✔ Installing and handing over the project of installing lighting equipment system

    Project installation: technicians of Hoang Sa Viet will directly implement and supervise the project, and take the main responsibility for the entire process.

    Project handover: after the project is completed, we will transfer technology, equipment and some notes during use to customers.

    Lắp đặt và bàn giao hệ thống âm thanh ánh sáng Lavela SaiGon Hotel
    Lắp đặt và bàn giao hệ thống thiết bị ánh sáng sân khấu

    ✔ Pay remaining 30%

    Customers will receive the project, check, accept and liquidate the contract. At the same time, pay the remaining 30% to Hoang Sa Viet company

    ✔ Warranty and system maintenance as specified in the contract

    Hoang Sa Viet Sound and Light Company will be responsible for the warranty and maintenance of the system specified in the contract.

    Above is all the necessary information when using a quick quote to buy and install lighting equipment at Hoang Sa Viet company. At the same time, through the article, customers also have an overview of the operation process of quick quotes and the company's working process. Hope the above information will be really useful for you.

    We will be very honored if we have the opportunity to cooperate with your company, business and customers. For more information, please contact Hotline: 0985.999.345 - press 1. The project department will advise you more carefully! Best regards!