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    1. How does the "Buy Audio Equipment" Quick Quote work?
    2. What are the advantages of a quick quote “Buying audio equipment”?
    3. Explanation of the parameters of the quotation sheet “Buying audio equipment”
    4. Summary of the working process when purchasing and installing audio equipment at Hoang Sa Viet

    From time immemorial, entertainment activities and music enjoyment have always played an important role in people's spiritual life. With the strong development of society and science - technology as today, people are demanding more about the improvement of sound, to best meet their needs. Indeed, audio devices not only help you have more fun and excitement in everything, but also help programs/events to be more successful.

    The demand to buy audio equipment is getting more and more attention from customers, that's why Hoang Sa Viet released a quick quotation; Providing you with accurate and professional service experiences.

    Báo giá nhanh mua thiết bị âm thanh
    Hoàng Sa Việt cung cấp hệ thống âm thanh chuyên nghiệp (Nguồn: Hoàng Sa Việt)


    The quick quotation is built and unified based on practical experience during the past 10 years of operation combined with professional experience from qualified engineers at Hoang Sa Viet company.

    Based on the known input information, the computer will infer and select the data (database) from more than 10,000 previously loaded data to pull out recommendations for customers. These data are increasingly updated and enhanced in quantity and quality, the computer system scans and automatically updates the data on the Internet environment to expand the data. Make the automatic quotation program smarter and more accurate.

    This is considered a fresh start for the Audio Equipment industry; Making the quotation of employees light, saving time and helping customers quickly get a quote easily, accuracy up to 99%.

    Báo giá nhanh mua thiết bị âm thanh
    Rehearsal sự kiện cho khách hàng với hệ thống âm thanh chất lượng cao (Nguồn: Hoàng Sa Viêt)


    The number of units providing audio equipment has appeared in recent years, the level of competition is also fiercer. Customers have too many choices, which is advantageous but also difficult for customers. Finding a satisfied unit from the first consultation is extremely important, professionalism / enthusiasm determines whether customers want to continue working with that unit or not. This is one of the reasons why we came up with the idea of releasing a quick quote.

    Báo giá thiết bị âm thanh
    Hệ thống thiết bị âm thanh cho sự kiện chuyên nghiệp (Nguồn: Hoàng Sa Việt)

    So what are the advantages of a quick quote?

    • By questions to collect information and data; The system will automatically calculate the inference, then process the data and offer at least 2 options for installing the most suitable professional sound system for your reference.
    • You can know the installation price yourself without consulting staff
    • Knowing the price of audio equipment makes it easy for customers to get a clear overview of the product; From there learn more about the product. And finally find a consultant, so there will be a more accurate decision.
    • Quick quotation is built by leading experts of Hoang Sa Viet company, with long working experience in the profession; So we understand that "Building a product price list needs to carefully calculate factors to ensure mutual benefits", but most importantly, the offered options always ensure the following criteria: Save costs and get the product that matches the customer's money.
    • Especially, after entering all the information in the quick quotation sheet; You will immediately receive the results within 30 seconds via the registered email. Accuracy is up to 99%.
    Báo giá thiết bị âm thanh
    Loa Promax cho âm thanh chuyên nghiệp (Nguồn: Hoàng Sa Việt)


    The quotation is divided into 2 main parts: Personal information and Information related to the audio equipment system.

    Personal information, including: Full name, Phone number, Email, Purpose of use, Number of guests that the sound system will serve is how many people, Stage size (If any).

    Information about audio devices, including:

    • Speaker brand: P.Audio, Promax, Harman-JBL, Audio_X
    • Micro brand: Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Bfaudio
    • Mixer brand: Allen & Heath, Midas, Behringer, Yamaha, Soundcraft
    • Information is not required: Microphones for musical instruments, the number of speech microphones, the number of handheld microphones, additional accessories (Capacitors, speaker cables, optical cables, power cords, ...)

    All audio equipment: Speakers, microphones, mixers, ... have a variety of lines and different brands. However, we select the most prominent brands with prestige & high quality in the world, especially with many price points with many product segments, suitable for many different customer segments, from normal, medium to high range.

    Báo giá thiết bị âm thanh
    Hoàng Sa Việt chuyên nhập khẩu các dòng sản phẩm thương hiệu lớn (Nguồn: Hoàng Sa Việt)

    Báo giá nhanh thuê thiết bị âm thanh
    Kỹ thuật viên điều chỉnh hệ thống âm thanh cho sự kiện khách hàng (Nguồn: Hoàng Sa Việt)


    What should I pay attention to when buying and installing a sound system?


    Site survey and quote correction

    After the agreement of the two parties, Hoang Sa Viet will send staff to survey the installation site. Usually, the customer will have a change during and after this step (Add or remove a device). Based on those wishes, technical experts will consider, advise and help customers make the most suitable final decision.

    Because there is a change in this step, the cost will also be changed, lower or higher depending on the change of the customer.

    Sign contracts, install and transfer audio equipment technology to customers

    The contract will be released if there is agreement and agreement of both parties. The customer will have to deposit 40% of the contract value in advance so that we can fully prepare the audio products/equipment and deliver it to your installation site. Before installation, the customer side will pay another 20-30% of the contract cost, and the We company side will carry out the installation. After completing the project, we conduct detailed instructions on how to use, warranty and maintain the audio equipment to achieve the best quality, highest durability. After this step, you will pay the remaining amount according to the contract.

    Báo giá thiết bị âm thanh
    Tập kết thiết bị tại công trình, chuẩn bị tiến hành lắp đặt (Nguồn: Hoàng Sa Việt)

    Báo giá lắp đặt thiết bị âm thanh
    Lắp đặt thiết bị âm thanh cho sự kiện (Nguồn: Hoàng Sa Việt)

    Thiết bị âm thanh
    Dàn loa array do đội ngũ nhân viên Hoàng Sa Việt lắp đặt (Nguồn: Hoàng Sa Việt)

    During use, if you have any questions or problems, Hoang Sa Viet is ready to support equipment maintenance for you.

    Above is the information related to the quick quotation of audio equipment, as well as a summary of the working process at Hoàng Sa Việt. We hope to be your companion in many audio equipment installation projects in the future. And lastly, don't forget to contact us via hotline 0985 999 345 for enthusiastic advice and support!