Led Screen Rental P3.91

Led Screen Rental P3.91

Price: 650.000 d

Code: P3.91

Status: Stocking

  • Hoang Sa Viet Media Company.
  • Rental price of LED screen P3.91.
  • Screen Type: Indoor & Outdoor
  • Event organization package
  • Unit price: 650,000 VND/m2.
  • Outdoor & Indoor Events
  • Cabinet size: 500mm×500mm.
  • Full package rental of event equipment.
  • Sound, light and stage rental.
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Gradually replacing background, event backdrop, today's LED screen is not only beautifully designed with full colors and effects, but also creates a lively, and extremely professional event space.

✅ Advantages of LED screen P3.91

P3.91 LED screen rental in Hanoi
Cheap P3.91 LED screen rental in Hanoi

P3.91 LED screen is a type of LED screen assembled from waterproof P3.91 SMD3535 LED modules. The distance between pixels is 3.91mm. Because it is used in an outdoor environment, the screen has a high brightness, when sunlight shines on, it still has a clear display of content and easy observation.

Compared to the P3 LED screen, the P3.91 LED screen is cheaper, but the resolution, image and video display quality is not too different, so it is widely used in the installation of outdoor advertising LED screens . outdoor, LED screen for meeting room, conference, restaurant, wedding,... Especially, P3.91 LED screen is also popularly used by customers at indoor and outdoor events, bringing a great experience. Experience extremely sharp and professional image and video quality.

✅ Why should you rent a P3.91 LED screen?

✔ Suitable for use needs

Normally, in event organization, each event has its own identity. Therefore, LED screens are also flexibly used and designed to suit the area, space, context and nature of the event.

Customers can use LED screens as background, stage backdrops with many beautiful effects and eye-catching colors. From there, contributing to improving the importance and professionalism of the event

✔ Save maintenance costs

Customers may have to spend hundreds of millions of dong to buy P3.91 LED screens for events, stage LED screens , advertising LED screens , etc. However, in event organization, with rental LED screen customers will save a significant amount of money, and at the same time suitable for the flexible nature of each event.

Today, LED screen rental services are increasingly popular with many different costs, prices and quality. Therefore, customers need to learn carefully the information before deciding to choose a suitable LED screen rental unit, to avoid the situation of "losing money".

cheap P3.91 LED screen rental
cheap P3.91 LED screen rental

✔ There are accompanying services

Normally, when renting an LED screen in general and a P3.91 LED screen in particular, the outsourcer is responsible for providing the screen with good use condition, and also arranges technical staff to set up and run the program. submit.

In addition, for professional LED screen rental units, LED screens can serve all events, stages, conferences, restaurants, weddings, accompanied by quality audio equipment. , stage lighting,...

Deliver the right type of rental LED screen , deliver at the right time, to the right address, to the right recipient.

Price list for rental LED screen P3.91.

On the market today, there are many P3.91 LED rental companies , especially in big cities such as: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang... These are places with large population concentrations. Or famous tourist destinations such as Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Phu Quoc, Ha Long, Tam Dao... To organize big events.

In big events, equipment is indispensable: P3.91 LED screen . That is why more and more people are looking for professional P3.91 LED screen rental services . Accordingly, the rental price of LED screens is one of the factors that you need to pay attention to. To choose for yourself a reputable LED screen supplier or a professional event organization.

rental led screen P3.91
Rental led screen P3.91 for indoor events.

Price list for rental LED screen P3.91.

LED P3.91 Indoor Rent for the first day 2nd day The next days
LED P3.91 indoor <5m2 800,000 won 400,000 200,000 VND/m2
5m2 < LED P3.91 indoor < 12m2 700,000 won 350,000 won 200,000 VND/m2
12m2 < LED P3.91 indoor < 24m2 600,000 won 300,000 200,000 VND/m2
24m2 < LED P3.91 indoor< 32m2 550,000 won 290,000 won 200,000 VND/m2
32m2 < LED P3.91 indoor < 50m2 550,000 won 290,000 won 200,000 VND/m2
50m2 < LED P3.91 indoor < 120m2 550,000 won 290,000 won 200,000 VND/m2

Price list for renting P3.91 indoor LED screen.

LED P3.91 Outdoor Rent for the first day 2nd day The next days
LED P3.91 Outdoor <5m2 1,000,000 won 500,000 won 300,000 VND/m2
5m2 < LED P3.91 Outdoor < 12m2 800,000 won 400,000 300,000 VND/m2
12m2 < LED P3.91 Outdoor < 24m2 700,000 won 350,000 won 300,000 VND/m2
24m2 < LED P3.91 Outdoor < 32m2 600,000 won 350,000 won 300,000 VND/m2
32m2 < LED P3.91 Outdoor < 50m2 600,000 won 350,000 won 300,000 VND/m2
50m2 < LED P3.91 Outdoor < 120m2 600,000 won 350,000 won 300,000 VND/m2

Price list for outdoor wedding LED screen rental.

✅ Hoang Sa Viet – LED screen rental company with 15 years of experience

Event organization is considered a specific industry, requiring no omissions in the event process. Therefore, customers when renting event equipment often prefer to choose reputable and experienced units over price, because prestige when organizing events is still the most important thing. .

Born and developed, after 10 years of being present in many big and small events, Hoang Sa Viet has accumulated the necessary experience to grow stronger and can confidently become a companion with the company. current and future customers.

We have many branches nationwide such as: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Vung Tau & Phu Quoc. LED Screen equipment imported by Hoang Sa Viet genuine has high resolution and quality. If you need to rent P3.91 LED screen or other event equipment, please contact 0985.999.345

Rental LED screen P3.91 outdoor
P3.91 outdoor LED screen rental (Source: Internet)

Some projects for renting LED screens P3.91

P3.91 LED display indoor event installation
Led screen in Vinland celebration by Hoang Sa Viet

Curved Led screen in Vietnam Airlines year-end party
Curved Led screen was built by Hoang Sa Viet at Vietnam Airlines' year-end party

Led screen in Techcombank year-end party
Techcombank's year-end party (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

First meeting of the year
Led screen for the first meeting of the year made by Hoang Sa Viet
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