Installing P3.0 Hall Led Screen At Becamex Binh Duong Corporation

Installing P3.0 Hall Led Screen At Becamex Binh Duong Corporation

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Led screen is now an essential need of every business. LED screens are now very diverse in design and size. Depending on the needs and purposes of use, each business will choose a Led screen that is suitable for the function and nature of the job. The installation of LED screens in conference halls and seminars is very important. Helps to convey information and ideas faster and more professionally. Let's learn more about LED screens installed for conferences and seminars!

LED screen construction
Construction of led screens for halls and meeting rooms - Hoang Sa Viet

What is P3.0 Led Display?

P3.0 Led screen is a Led screen with high resolution, flexible assembly size and durability can be up to 5-7 years. P3.0 Led screen is now quite popular, especially the price is much cheaper than before. Led screen P3.0 is suitable for all needs of customers such as: installing Led screen in the house; install the hall Led screen ; Led screen for conference, seminar; install LED screen for stage,...

Customer information in the project of installing LED screens in the hall.

  • Client: Becamex Industrial Development and Investment Corporation
  • Purpose of use: Installing a hall Led screen for meetings and seminars of the company.
  • Requirements: Install P3.0 Led screen.
  • Display type: indoor Led screen.
  • Led screen size:
  • Panel Cabinet type: fixed frame.

Customer requirements when installing the hall Led screen.

Realizing the need for Led screen in conference meetings, seminars as well as improved meeting quality. The investor decided to install the P3.0 Led screen provided and installed by Hoang Sa Viet AVL company.

Survey the installation location of the hall Led screen.

  • Staff of Hoang Sa Viet AVL conduct site survey.
  • Led screen is fixed installed with aluminum alloy frame manufactured by Viettruss factory.
  • Led screen P3.0 is installed at the end of the meeting room.

Construction and installation of P3.0 . conference Led screen

After agreeing on the construction plan with the investor, Hoang Sa Viet AVL carried out the installation.

Construction of led screens for halls and meeting rooms
Surveying the installation site - Hoang Sa Viet

The staff of Hoang Sa Viet AVL processed the frame of the Led screen with bars made of aluminum alloy.

construction of led screen frame
Construction of led screen frame - Hoang Sa Viet

The staff fixed the Led screen frame with the wall to ensure the safety when assembling the Led screen.

LED screen construction
Construction of led screen frame - Hoang Sa Viet
frame reinforcement for led display
Reinforcing the construction of the led screen frame - Hoang Sa Viet

Once the frame is fixed, the staff proceeds to assemble the P3.0 Led screen modules.

meeting room led screen
Completing the P3.0 Indoor Led Screen - Hoang Sa Viet AVL

Hoang Sa Viet AVL - supplier and installer of quality LED screen.

Hoang Sa Viet AVL Company has more than 10 years of experience in the field of installation and supply of all kinds of Led screens. We are committed to genuine imported products.

The price is cheaper because there is no middleman.

High quality LED screen, high brightness.

There are all kinds of LED screens to serve customers.

Installing prestigious Outdoor - Indoor Led screen.

Fast construction and installation.

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