General Policy

  • 17/09/2019

    During use, if there are any problems or user errors. Customers can directly contact the company's customer care center or the company's warranty center for assistance.


    - Product warranty is: Overcoming damage, problems caused by manufacturer's fault.

    Warranty Policy

    - The product is warranted free of charge if the product has a warranty period calculated from the date of delivery.

    - The warranty period is stated on the Warranty Card and according to the regulations of each manufacturer for all technical problems of the product.

    - There is a valid warranty card and warranty stamp of the company or the manufacturer on the product.

    Cases not covered by warranty

    - The product has expired the warranty stated on the coupon or lost the Warranty Card.

    - The warranty seal is torn, broken, over-glued or modified or erased.

    - Warranty card does not specify the Serial number and date of purchase of the product.

    - The product shows signs of damage caused by rats or insects.

    Warranty and maintenance locations

    - If the contract, handover minutes, warranty card do not state the agreement at the signed customer's address, all products are warranted at the manufacturer's Warranty Center. Company staff will guide customers to the company or on behalf of customers bring the product to the manufacturer's warranty center to guarantee the product for customers.


    - Warranty does not include shipping and handling costs.


    Refund cases:

    - The goods are defective due to the manufacturer, can not work.

    - Goods are damaged due to the process of transporting goods to customers of the company

    - The delivered goods do not match the model and type that the customer ordered

    - Delivery is missing

    If you find the above cases, please do not receive the goods and ask our delivery staff to confirm the status of the goods on the spot and request a return. Otherwise, the customer must immediately report the defective goods to us within 24 hours from the time of receipt of the goods to receive support for renewal. product is delivered.

    General terms and conditions of return and exchange:

    - “One to one exchange” for products sold within 07 days if there is a problem.

    - Full stamps, invoices, no scratches, dents, external damage, broken ..

    - Time to exchange goods does not exceed 3 days from the date of receipt of goods (based on the purchase invoice or receipt signed by the delivery party).

    - There are full accompanying documents such as receipts, invoices, delivery notes, warranty cards, catalogs...

    However, for some products, we will not apply the same return and exchange conditions as above, during the sales consultation we will advise specifically on the term and form of return for each product. for customers to refer to when they need to buy that product.

    Refund fee: the return fee will be fully borne by the company if the fault is on the company.

    Refund form: Will renew products for customers, in case there are no products or goods in stock, the company commits to refund 100% of the fees that customers have paid to us through the following forms: : cash at the company or transfer to customers


    Customers buying products at the company can choose the following payment methods:

    1. Pay directly at:


    Head office: 184/20 Le Dinh Can, Tan Tao, Binh Tan. Ho Chi Minh City

    Hanoi Branch: No. 80 Alley 87 Lang Ha, Dong Da District

    Phu Quoc Branch: DT45, Quarter 10, Duong Dong, Ward

    Long An Branch: Viettruss Aluminum - Ben Luc, Long An

    Binh Chanh Branch: Le Minh Xuan, Binh Chanh, HCMC

    Hotline: 0942.222.075 VND



    1. Payment via bank transfer

    We will send you specific information about your transfer account number to your email for confirmation.

    Transfer content: Product information – Phone number – Quantity

    After the transfer, please notify us again so that we can check and confirm again for you

    3. Pay when the staff comes to deliver the goods

    Is the easiest way to pay, especially when you are not used to paying online.

    - When you choose a payment method when the staff comes to deliver the goods, please specify the money transfer content such as: Company name, phone number of the money transferer and the name of the product you have selected.

    - After successful transaction, please email or call to notify the company for convenience in checking.


    Our company ships nationwide.

    Shipping fee will be calculated according to the value of your order.
    If you are far away from the company
    or in other locations, we will deliver the goods immediately after 8-12 hours (for ready-made products) after 7 - 10 days (if the product is ordered).
    In case you buy goods during the holidays, Tet or meet some objective conditions such as damaged vehicles, bad weather, natural disasters, etc. The company
    will negotiate with you about the delivery time to ensure the progress and quality of the goods.
    For bulk orders,
    the company will directly discuss with you so that you always feel secure when choosing to buy.