Privacy Policy

  • 17/09/2019
  • a) Purpose and scope of collection
    The main data collection on the website includes: full name, email, phone, customer address in the contact section. This is the information that we need members to provide mandatory when sending information for advice or want to buy products and let us contact and confirm with customers on the website to ensure the interests of consumers. use.

    Members will be solely responsible for the security and keeping of all service use activities under the information they provide and their email boxes. In addition, members are responsible for promptly notifying our website about unauthorized use, abuse, security violations, retention of registered names and passwords of third parties for solutions. appropriate decision.

    b) Scope of information use

    We use the information members provide to:
    Contact to confirm orders and deliver goods to members when receiving requests from members;
    Provide information about products to customers if required by customers;
    Send marketing and promotional emails about the goods we sell;
    Send notifications about activities on the website
    Contact and deal with users in special cases;
    Do not use users' personal information other than for transaction-related confirmation and contact purposes
    - At the request of a judicial authority, including: Procuracy, court, investigation police agency related to certain law violations of the client.

    c) Information storage time

    Members' personal data will be stored until the administrator requests to cancel. Remaining in all cases member personal information will be kept confidential on our server.

    d) Persons or organizations that may have access to such information

    Subjects that have access to customers' personal information fall into one of the following cases:
    Company employees
    Contracted partners to perform part of the Company's services. These partners will receive information according to the contract agreement (maybe part or all of the information according to the terms of the contract) to assist users in using the services provided by the Company.

    e) Methods and tools for consumers to access and correct their personal data on the e-commerce system of the information collecting unit.

    Members have the right to self-check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by contacting the website administrator to do this.
    Members have the right to file complaints about confidential information, please contact the website's Administration Board. When we receive these feedbacks, we will confirm the information. In the event that the member's reflection is correct, depending on the extent, we will take timely handling measures.

    f) Mechanism for receiving and resolving consumer complaints related to the misuse of personal information or the reported scope.

    Members' personal information is committed to absolute confidentiality in accordance with the personal information protection policy. The collection and use of information of each member is only done with the consent of that customer, unless otherwise provided for by law.

    Do not use, do not transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about the member's personal information without the consent of the member.

    In the event that the information server is attacked by a hacker leading to the loss of member's personal data, we will be responsible for notifying the incident to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notifying the member. member is known.

    Absolute confidentiality of all members' online transaction information including invoice information, accounting, and digitized vouchers

    The Management Board requires individuals when registering/purchasing to provide all relevant personal information such as: Full name, contact address, email, phone, etc. And are responsible for the legality of the above information. The management board is not responsible for and will not resolve any complaints related to the interests of that member if it considers all the personal information of that member provided during the initial registration to be incorrect.