✔ What is truss frame?

A truss frame is an engineering structure used in construction to support and bear loads. It consists of a system of diagonal bars joined together at the points of intersection, forming a triangular lattice. Truss frames are usually made from lightweight materials such as steel, wood or aluminum alloys to reduce weight and increase load capacity.

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✔ Application of truss frame in life

✓ Truss framework in the construction industry

Truss frames have many important applications in the construction industry. It is used for construction of buildings such as civil houses, industrial houses, bridges and roads, restaurants, stadiums, stage boxes and many others. Truss frames provide strength, durability, and stability to buildings, and allow for easy resizing and changing in size and shape depending on project requirements. We often see truss frames used to make stadium roofs. Grinding the dome of the gymnasium. Outdoor sports center. Dome of large outdoor works.

application of truss framework in construction industry
application of truss framework in construction industry

✓ Truss framework in the event industry

Truss frames are widely used in the event industry. Especially the aluminum truss frame with flexibility and the ability to create diverse shapes, aluminum truss frame is used as a light box truss, mobile canvas frame, stage frame, decoration, light box and signs. unique. It provides stability, durability and safety in hanging lights, audio, LED displays and visual devices. The aluminum truss frame also allows for quick assembly and dismantling, saving time and effort in event construction. Besides, Truss frame is also used to make large space canvas, event tent with high aperture.

Event canvas frame, space canvas house
Event canvas frame, space canvas house

✔ Types of truss frame production materials

  • Sắt thép: Khung truss làm bắt sắt thép là sự lựa chọn phổ biến nhất. Thép có độ bền cao, khả năng chịu tải tốt. Nó được sử dụng rộng rãi trong các ứng dụng công nghiệp và xây dựng lớn. Tuy nhiên sắt thường dễ bị ăn mòn nên dễ bị rỉ sét nên thường xuyên phải bảo trì bằng cách sơn lên bề mặt của khung bằng một lớp sơn chống rỉ.
  • Khung truss gỗ: Gỗ là vật liệu tự nhiên, dễ dàng chế tạo và có tính năng cách nhiệt tốt. Khung truss gỗ thường được sử dụng trong các công trình nhà dân dụng và kiến trúc truyền thống.
  • Aluminum Alloys: Aluminum alloys combine the advantages of both aluminum and other alloys such as zinc and magnesium. It offers high strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. Especially aluminum alloy is light in weight and does not oxidize. Non-corrosive should be used to replace iron and wood. Some specialized alloys for aluminum frames are T6061 and T6082 . These are 2 types of alloy with high hardness. Some aluminum frame production units with T6063 alloy are cheap, but the hardness is not as good as the two types of alloy above.
aluminum alloy T6061
Aluminum Alloy T6061

✓ Aluminum alloy T6061

Alloy T6061 is an aluminum alloy with Mg and Si with the highest corrosion resistance among aluminum alloys. Alloy T6061 offers a wide range of mechanical properties, hardening, strength, weldability, good formability.

✓ T6082 . aluminum alloy

Alloy T6082 is also an aluminum alloy with Mg and Si with good extrusion, forging, oxidation and corrosion resistance, which is loved by many customers. Alloy T6082 has higher quenching sensitivity and its composition contains Mn, so it has better corrosion resistance and welding performance.

✔ Names and uses of stage accessories

✓ Truss module (truss section)

The large aluminum truss frame is made up of many truss modules connected together in the form of 4 or 8 holes or connectors to form vertical columns or horizontal beams with the required length. Individual truss pieces are usually 1m, 2m, 3m or 4m in length.

Note: The length of each truss piece when assembled must not exceed the maximum aperture given by the manufacturer (The maximum aperture available depends on the type of truss frame for example aperture: 10m,12m, 16m,20m ...)

Truss 3m 400x400 to catch screws with 4 holes
Truss 3m 400x400 to catch screws with 4 holes

✓ Palang (framework accessories)

Palang is a device for lifting and lowering hanging objects from above, which is popularly applied in many types of works and certainly including the event industry. It helps to pull the truss frame on the roof of the stage, the canvas house up high. Many people also call Palang with some other names such as: Winch, pulley. Palang is divided into 2 types: electric hoist, chain hoist.

  • Chain hoist (Hand winch)

Chain hoist makes lifting and lowering objects easier than ever, does not take too much effort, helps to reduce accidents during the installation of stage, canvas and saves costs. One end of the hoist is fixed to the speculum above the top of the truss post, the other end has an iron chain, with a large capacity. The pulley system helps pull the stage truss frame, the canvas roof slides up through the wheel sliding cage.

Hand winch hoist
Hand winch hoist
  • Electric hoist

Máy tời kéo là thiết bị nâng hạ dùng để kéo vật nặng theo phương ngang, phương nghiêng, kéo vật lên cao được dẫn động bằng động cơ điện.

✓ Lồng trượt bánh xe (cục xí ngầu)

Lồng trượt, cục xí ngầu là điểm kết nối những đà ngang hoặc cột dọc, hoặc những góc nối giúp tạo hình vững chắc cho nhà bạt, hay những giàn khung âm thanh ánh sáng. Lồng trượt sử dụng những bánh xe trượt dọc theo cột trụ truss giúp nâng những cấu trúc đó từ dưới thấp lên cao. Đế tăng đưa sắt hoặc nhôm.

wheel slide cages use dikes to lift and slide the truss up
lồng trượt bánh xe dùng đê nâng trượt giàn khung lên cao

Đế sắt cân bằng độ cao

Đế tăng đưa là đế được làm từ sắt hoặc hợp kim nhôm, có gắn thêm bánh xe giúp di chuyển cột dễ dàng hơn, với vai trò cố định phần chân của giàn khung truss và giúp cho trụ truss được cân bằng nhờ các ren tăng đưa. Giúp giàn khung đứng vững hơn

iron sole balance flatness
Iron sole balances flatness when the ground is not good

✓ Kickstand (stand)

The kickstand consists of 2 A-shaped struts connected to the truss. Just like the swingarm, the kickstand helps to fix the truss in a balanced position. The legs are often different lengths, depending on the terrain. The tip of the foot is connected to a shackle with increased teeth to catch on the truss frame system.

kickstand used to support the truss frame to stand firmly
Legs are used to support the truss pillar of the canvas house (Source: Viettruss)

✓ Arm against LED screen (iron)

This is the accessory that comes with the truss frame that is very important in the installation of the stage LED screen. The arm will support the LED screen arrays from the back and help fix the LED screen to the frame.

handle for LED screen
handle for LED screen

✓ Speculum hanging palang

The speculum is an accessory used to form a hook point mounted on the top of the truss column, which is the hoisting point for pulling the truss frame up.

Beak hanging hoist pulls truss frame up high
Beak hanging hoist pulls truss frame up high

✓ Bearing shackles

The connecting shackle is an accessory used to flexibly connect the parts of the truss frame together, or of other mechanical parts.

aluminum shackles for hanging lights
aluminum shackles for hanging lights

✔ Compare aluminum truss frames and iron truss frames

✓ Aluminum truss frame

Aluminum truss frame is a truss frame made from aluminum alloy material. Aluminum alloy is a very important product line in all products manufactured from aluminum. The alloy of aluminum and aluminum ranks second after steel in terms of production and application in life. It can be seen that aluminum alloy has properties to be suitable for many different uses, especially used as a material in construction.

There are 2 types of aluminum alloy used by Viettruss to make aluminum truss frames:

T6061 Aluminum Alloy : the most durable and versatile aluminum alloy series. This aluminum alloy is a general purpose alloy with high strength, corrosion resistance and good weldability.

T6082 aluminum alloy : This alloy has good mechanical properties, is strong, hard, resistant to strong impact and has high wear resistance, can be welded and machined and shaped.

Aluminum alloy truss frame

✓ Iron truss frame

Iron truss frame is a type of frame made from iron material. It has poorer thermal conductivity than aluminum and is more malleable than aluminum. Truss frames made from iron are much heavier than truss frames made from aluminum.

In terms of corrosion resistance, aluminum truss frames are better than iron. Especially with the changing seasons like in Vietnam, the iron truss frame is easily corroded when left in the air for a long time. Unlike iron, the truss frame is made from aluminum which is almost completely non-corrosive and retains its shine like new.

Aluminum truss frames meet all requirements for aesthetics, curvature, and weight, so it is understandable that aluminum truss frames are more commonly used in today's market.

iron truss frame
iron truss frame

✔ Price list of aluminum truss frames and accessories

Aluminum truss frame is a stage truss part manufactured by T6061 or T6082 aluminum alloy. Products are increasingly used in installation of event stages (stage floors, light frames, ...) or mobile canvas houses for weddings, opening ceremonies, ground-breaking ceremonies, ... Viettruss is the own factory of Hoang Sa Viet company specializing in the production of aluminum truss frames with many different forms and designs. The following analysis will help customers understand each product type with accessories & reference price list.

✓ Quotation sheet truss aluminum connector

✓ Price list of aluminum truss frame with screws

STT PLU 0.5M 1M 1.5M 2 M 2.5M 3M




1,870,000 won


3,311,000 won
























5,852,000 won

5 VS4242_45B

2,000,000 won





6 VS4242_45BP

2,354,000 won




5,852,000 won

7 VS4545_45BP

2,464,000 won

3,410,000 won 4,840,000 won 5,720,000 won 6,270,000 won










3,387,000 won





✓ Price list of iron accessories and canvas frames

STT Product's name Price
first Truss frame module 1,000,000 – 1,450,000 VND/m
2 Aluminum wheel slide cage 3,000,000 – 4,500,000 VND/piece
3 The slanting part of the canvas house 2,600,000 – 3,500,000 VND/piece
4 Aluminum Y-segment 3,000,000 – 3,500,000 VND
5 Iron hand winch hoist 1,500,000 – 2,800,000 VND/piece
6 Iron poles 600,000 – 900,000 VND/piece
7 Square Iron Stand 600,000 - 800,000 VND/piece
8 Iron Hand Shackle Iron Catch Led 150,000 VND/piece
9 Bolt Catching Truss 9,500 VND/set
ten Cool Aluminum 1,500,000 - 1,700,000 VND/piece
11 Iron Hook Hanging Aluminum Hoist 600,000 - 800,000 VND/piece
twelfth Iron Duck Beak 800,000 VND/piece
13 Aluminum Platform 2,500,000 - 2,800,000 VND/piece
14 Set of Males and Clamps with Locks 45,000 VND/set

✔ Code table and how to read truss frame parameters

Truss modules are often connected with each other by connectors or bolts to create a large truss frame, serving to install the stage as a frame for hanging lights (poles), stands or mobile canvas houses. Because the nature of the installation and decoration of event stages and tents is very different, it requires a variety of truss frames to suit each type of event or canvas. There are 1-sided, 3-sided, 4-sided truss frames with many different sizes and structures (The effect of the crossbar is to support and facilitate climbing and installation). Because of the variety of products, Viettruss decided to set up product codes to unify reading, easy in production, product identification as well as customers easily understand the product they want. want to buy or rent.

event canvas roof
event canvas roof

Below are instructions, explanations of codes and specifications for reading the most common types of aluminum frames with Connector and Bolt (snail) at Viettruss workshop. Please refer to the next section immediately. Viettruss produces many different types of aluminum truss frames . We will give a few examples of product codes, then explain in detail why the product is named that way.

  • Some example code for Aluminum Connector frame such as: V3131_1C; V3131_15C; V4040_3C; V3131_35C; V3131_4C; V6050_45C; V7662_45CP;
  • Some example codes for aluminum frame bolts such as: V3030_1B; V3030_15B; V3030_3B; V3030_35B; V3535_45B; V4242_BP; ...
PLU Explain For example
Letter V" Abbreviation of the word VIETTRUSS: Mark the product as produced by Viettruss workshop of Hoang Sa Viet company. V 3131_1C
Next 4 digits Dimensions of the bottom of the aluminum truss frame

V 3131 _1C(310*310mm)

V 4040 _3C(400*400mm)
V 7662 _45CP(760*620mm)

The next "1/3/4" digit after the "_" Number of sides of aluminum truss frame V3131_ 1 C (1 side)
V4040_ 3 C (3 sides)
V7662_ 4 5CP (4 sides)
Digits behind “Truss Frame Face Number” Show the length of the distance with the crossbar
TH1: If there is a digit “5” V3131_1 5 C: Do you think there will be 1 crossbar every 50cm)
TH2: If there are no digits V3131_1C: It means that every 1m, there will be 1 horizontal tree
Letter "C" Abbreviation for the word Conector. Shows that truss frames are connected by Connector V7662_45 C P
Letter "B" Short for Bolong. Shows that truss frames are connected by bolt V4242_45 B P
Letter "P" Abbreviation for Profestional (Truss frames using large crossbars will be added with the letter P at the end of the product name code. Viettruss factory produces large crossbars with the size of 50*3mm) V4242_45B P

aluminum alloy truss frame, 4-sided connector, size 400*400, with a small crossbar
Module truss Connector 4-sided size 300 * 300 with a small crossbar (Source: Viettruss)

Module with 4-sided aluminum alloy truss frame size 300*300 with large crossbar
Module truss bolt 4-sided size 300 * 300 with a large crossbar (Source: Viettruss)

✓ Product code table and specifications of truss connector frame

Below is a summary statistics table of some typical and most popular aluminum truss Connector frame product codes at Viettruss and accompanied by a very specific explanation of the product code names for each product.

STT PLU DRAW Size Number of Faces Horizontal Distance OLD P (Pro)
first V3131_1C VIETTRUSS 310*310mm 1 EYE 1m with horizontal tree Using the vector
2 V3131_15C VIETTRUSS 310*310mm 1 EYE 50cm with lintel Using the vector
3 V3131_3C VIETTRUSS 310*310mm 3 EYES 1m with horizontal tree Using the vector
4 V3131_35C VIETTRUSS 310*310mm 3 EYES 50cm with lintel Using the vector
5 V3131_4 VIETTRUSS 310*310mm 4 EYES 1m with horizontal tree Using the vector
6 V3131_45C VIETTRUSS 310*310mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using the vector
7 V3131_45CP VIETTRUSS 310*310mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using the vector Big tree
8 V3535_45C VIETTRUSS 350*350mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using the vector
9 V3535_45CP VIETTRUSS 350*350mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using the vector Big tree
ten V4040_45C VIETTRUSS 400*400mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using the vector
11 V4040_45CP VIETTRUSS 400*400mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using the vector Big tree
twelfth V6050_45CP VIETTRUSS 600*500mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using the vector Big tree
13 V7662_45CP VIETTRUSS 760*620mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using the vector Big tree

✓ Product code and specifications of the truss frame to catch screws (bolts)

This is a summary statistics table of some typical Bolt aluminum truss frame product codes, along with an explanation of the names of those product codes. For details, please refer to the table below.

STT PLU DRAW Size Number of faces The distance with the crossbar REMOVE P (Pro)
first V3030_1B VIETTRUSS 300*300mm 1 EYE 1m with horizontal tree

Using Bulong

2 V3030_15B VIETTRUSS 300*300mm 1 EYE 50cm with lintel

Using Bulong

3 V3030_3B VIETTRUSS 300*300mm 3 EYES 1m with horizontal tree Using Bulong
4 V3030_35B VIETTRUSS 300*300mm 3 EYES 50cm with lintel Using Bulong
5 V3030_4B VIETTRUSS 300*300mm 4 EYES 1m with horizontal tree Using Bulong
6 V3030_45B VIETTRUSS 300*300mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using Bulong
7 V3030_45BP VIETTRUSS 300*300mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using Bulong Big tree
8 V3535_45B VIETTRUSS 350*350mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using Bulong
9 V3535_45BP VIETTRUSS 350*350mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using Bulong Big tree
ten V4040_45B VIETTRUSS 400*400mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using Bulong
11 V4040_45BP VIETTRUSS 400*400mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using Bulong Big tree
twelfth V4242_45B VIETTRUSS 420*420mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using Bulong
13 V4242_45BP VIETTRUSS 420*420mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using Bulong Big tree
14 V6040_45BP VIETTRUSS 600*400mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using Bulong Big tree
15 V7662_45BP VIETTRUSS 760*620mm 4 EYES 50cm with lintel Using Bulong Big tree

✔ Introduction of Viettrusss frame factory

With the strong development of the entertainment technology industry, today people often choose aluminum alloy truss frames for the purpose of easy installation, dismantling and lightness when transporting. Aluminum truss frames are applied to many jobs in the event industry such as: Assembling space tents, outdoor lighting truss, installing exhibition booths, making stage lights. It wasn't that long ago around the 2010s when the show industry exploded into a worldwide entertainment industry. As more and more spectacular music concerts from abroad are held in Vietnam. At that time, the performance equipment was still incomplete. Most of the big sound and light companies in Vietnam can only meet about 30% of the requirements of the program implementing unit.

Viettruss . stage frame factory
Viettruss . stage frame factory

In 2012 and earlier, most truss frames for the stage were made of iron, so they did not guarantee safety and aesthetics. Truss frames are shipped from abroad to Vietnam at a very high cost, time and money. Seizing that opportunity, right from the early years of establishment, Hoang Sa Viet company sent personnel to research and learn the production of aluminum truss frames from many sources around the world.

After a period of learning experience, boldly invest in CNC machines and modern mechanical machines. We have completed Viettruss factory and put into operation the most professional aluminum alloy truss frame factory in Vietnam.

clean frame truss Nhom viettruss
clean frame truss Nhom viettruss

Viettruss factory with a scale of 6000m2 was completed and put into operation in 2019 with a production scale of over 5000m2 of stage, aluminum truss frame per month. Temporarily enough to meet the Vietnamese market on a small scale. Viettruss products are becoming more and more popular in the event market. Viettruss products are increasingly being used by event organizers, sound and light companies, and tents.