Today, portable assembled podium products are professionally designed and extremely convenient for hall stages, smobile assembly stages, or event stages. With smart connections using aluminum alloy connectors, assembly becomes quick and extremely secure. Some outstanding parameters of aluminum alloy mobile stage podium are as follows:

  • The stage using T6061-T6 aluminum alloy is super durable, light, and beautiful
  • Connector Smart Connector makes the connection firmly, easy to disassemble
  • The stage floor board is covered with waterproof film with a degree of more than 5 years
  • Floor panels are optionally designed with color materials or tempered glass
  • Stairs up and down can adjust the height according to the stage height
  • The height of the stage can be customized according to the ground, making it simple and effective
  • Save shipping costs, quick disassembly
  • Suitable for conference centers, halls, stages, performance events
Stage transparent plexiglass or tempered glass

cho thuê sân khấu
The stage floor for the source event Hoang Sa Viet


Application Event organization, stage hall, wedding party
Alloy material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6
Connection Type Connector mount for smart connection
Module size Width 1228mm x Depth1228mm
Structure Connector Profile Frame
Maximum payload 300kg/module
Floor wood type MDF water resistant film coating, tempered glass
Wood plank thickness 18mm - 20mm
Maximum payload 500kg/module (Static) - 200kg/module (motion)
Weight 23kg/module

The stage floor is covered with carpet for the hall
Stage rental service assembled at Hoang Sa Viet company
The stage legs connect the star fruit connectors very firmly
The stage frame is connected in the form of a slide-down mount that is easy to disassemble quickly and accurately
Actual image of the construction stage for a wedding convention center
The stage is produced in Hoang Sa Viet, neatly packed, shipped to provinces across the country
Aluminum alloy stage is produced at Hoang Sa Viet company

Round stage is manufactured in a modular form that is easy to disassemble for special events
The semicircular stage was assembled by Hoang Sa Viet
Tempered glass stage is processed at Viettruss factory (Hoang Sa Viet)

Construction and installation of assembly stage at Hanoi 5-star hotel
Artistic 3D assembly stage provided to HCMC TV station