✔ Advantages of portable stage podium

  • Flexible construction and assembly: The stage has a flexible design and can be moved easily to different locations. This allows the event to be held in many different locations without the need to build a permanent stage. Especially the aluminum alloy stage is even more convenient for disassembly and transportation.
  • Easy to install: The portable stage is designed for quick and easy installation. They usually come with lightweight steel or aluminum frame systems and accessories that make assembly quick and convenient.
  • Design diversity: Portable stage stands are often designed so that they can be customized to fit the specific needs of the event. They can be expanded or collapsed as required and can change design elements such as height, width, and shape. Change the height flexibly according to each terrain. The portable stage is suitable for many types of events and performance activities such as fairs, art shows, music, outdoor music...
  • Convenience and cost savings: The use of mobile stage platforms saves assembly time and transportation costs. The aluminum alloy stage can be folded very neatly. Therefore, a 1.5 ton mini-truck can accommodate the number of stages up to hundreds of square meters, so it will save a lot of transportation and labor.
Mobile stage floor for restaurant wedding party
Mobile stage floor for restaurant wedding party

✔ Choose the size as the hall stage

The current stage is designed with a slight bias towards art style. In order to create a multi-purpose hall, can hold a variety of events, can be assembled mobile . Therefore, all details, construction structure of the stage floor to equipment are carefully calculated so that the overall layout is harmonious. The stage floor is the central part of the hall, where presentations as well as musical performances are watched by all. The stage will consist of 2 main parts:

  • Performance & event stage: Live performance place.
  • Behind the scenes: The place where preparation and performance activities take place.

The standard size of a hall and event stage depends on the hall space. As follows:

Audience capacity (guests) The best stage size
Capacity <= 250 Stage: 7.2m wide x 4.8m deep x 0.8m . high
250 <=Capacity <=400 Stage: 9.6m wide x 6m deep x 1m . high
400 <=Capacity <=800 Stage: Width 12m x Depth 7.2m x Height 1.2m
800 <=Capacity <=1200 Stage: Width 13.2m x Depth 8.4m x Height 1.5m
1200 <=Capacity Stage: Width 16.8m x Depth 9.6m x Height 1.8m

How to design the hall stage based on the capacity of the auditorium

However, this is only a reference table of an ideal ratio for a beautiful stage. The hall stage and mobile stage will also be calibrated to suit the actual ground conditions. Here, it is best to adjust the size (D*R*C) not to exceed 20% of the above table and still be within reasonable limits of the stage.

Semicircle fan strip stage
Semicircle fan strip stage

Outstanding advantages of aluminum alloy stage

stage podium with wooden plank surface & aluminum alloy frame is designed very professionally. Aluminum stage is extremely convenient for the hall stage, mobile assembly stage, or event stage. With smart connections using aluminum alloy connectors, assembly becomes quick and extremely secure. Some outstanding parameters of aluminum alloy mobile stage podium are as follows:

  • The stage using T6061-T6 aluminum alloy is super durable, light, and beautiful
  • Connector Smart Connector makes the connection firmly, easy to disassemble
  • The stage floor board is covered with waterproof film with a durability of more than 5 years
  • Floor panels are optionally designed with color materials or tempered glass
  • Stairs up and down can adjust the height according to the stage height
  • The stage height is customized according to the ground, making it simple and effective
  • Save shipping costs, quick disassembly
  • Suitable for conference centers, halls, stages, performance events
Transparent stage using poly sheet floor
Transparent stage using poly sheet floor
portable event stage podium
Mobile event podium

✔ Experience designing beautiful hall stage

Before starting to design the floor of the hall, we have to measure, carefully calculate the size, create the layout in harmony with the space inside the hall.. In addition to the main stage, the part The stage wings must also be properly designed for effective preparation. Of course, a more modern hall stage shows the class and nature of the ceremony. With stages for entertainment, the stage curtains will help leave an unforgettable impression on attendees. With any stage, it must also ensure the following factors:

  • The stage backdrop must be beautiful and really luxurious

When designing the stage of the hall and the event, the first thing we have to do is choose the type of curtain that is suitable for the nature of the ceremony. The right types of curtain fonts need to meet the following factors: Ensure a beautiful and luxurious aesthetic. The color space must really harmonize with the space of the hall. The material must be really durable, not wrinkled, discolored and must be versatile for many different events.

  • Arrange the stage properly with the items of the hall

Normally, the hall stages are often held at state agencies, schools, and large enterprises, so they are solemn. Therefore, the design must also meet the following standards: The podium will be placed in the right corner near the edge of the stage. The position of the banner is always to the left of the background, approximately 1/3 of the total length of the background. The text frame, icons, and logos are placed below the yellow star and to the right of the curtain font. Remember to always put your head above the speaker and the speaker. Uncle Ho's podium will always be placed close to and on the same axis as the red flag strip with yellow star and decorative table for flowers.
Depending on each different type of stage, there will be different layouts and arrangements according to the needs of use and the nature of the program.

Experience in designing the hall stage
Experience in designing the hall stage

✔ Compare aluminum stage & iron frame stage

In the past, event podiums were often manufactured by the units themselves by framing and shooting boards each time the event took place. This consumes a lot of labor costs and setup time, but it is inefficient, uncertain and unsafe. Today, material technology has introduced T6061-T6 aluminum alloy material for hardness equivalent to iron. But it is a very light material, does not corrode, does not oxidize, and the correct connection ensures high safety and aesthetics.

Events are only held according to a fixed time frame, the stage construction and assembly needs to be completed accurately, on time and safely. To ensure other equipment will be assembled on that stage. That is why events must always be well controlled in the timeline for the event to take place correctly. The stage is the soul of the event. The stage is usually assembled first and then the other items. If the stage is shipped and assembled slowly, it will adversely affect the progress of the event. The launch of mobile aluminum alloy stage products in 2022 has confirmed a new step for the event industry. Modern stage production technology, high quality and durability will help replace iron stages as before.

Application Event organization, stage hall, wedding party
Alloy material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6
Connection Type Connector mount for smart connection
Module size Width 1228mm x Depth1228mm
Structure Connector profile frame
Maximum payload 300kg/module
Floor wood type MDF covered with water-resistant film, tempered glass
Wood Board Thickness 18mm - 20mm
Maximum payload 500kg/module (static) - 200kg/module (dynamic)
Weight 23kg/module

Art Theater of Ho Chi Minh City Television and Film Studio
Art Theater of Ho Chi Minh City Television Film Studio (Hoang Sa Viet)

✔ Vietnam's No. 1 stage construction and production company

The stage is the center of the event. A beautiful stage is not only about attracting the eyes with sound and light equipment, but it must also be sturdy and ensure the safety of everyone when operating on it. In addition, a unique stage floor design will also partly create an attractive and successful event program. Hoang Sa Viet Company is the place to sell and rent the stage nationwide . Hoang Sa Viet Theater Company with many branches nationwide such as: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, Da Nang. From 2012 and earlier, most of the stage frames were made of iron. Although the cost is quite cheap, it has a lot of disadvantages, such as: Lack of safety, lack of aesthetics, difficulty in setup and disassembly, heavy weight, easy rust, ...

Understanding and seizing that opportunity, Hoang Sa Viet sent technicians to study abroad and learn experiences from advanced countries. And boldly invest in CNC machines and many other modern mechanical machines. Up to now, We are owning a professional aluminum stage production workshop , base in Binh Chanh district - TP. Ho Chi Minh City has an area of ​​​​up to 5000m2, and the second campus in Hoai Duc District, Hanoi is 3000m2 wide to meet the high requirements of professional events and hall stages.

No. 1 stage construction and production company in Vietnam
The number 1 stage construction and production company in Vietnam
aluminum frame carpet covered stage floor panels
aluminum frame carpet covered stage floor panels
Art stage rental
Art stage rental
smart connector stage legs
The stage legs connect the star fruit connectors very firmly
Aluminum alloy stage frame
Aluminum alloy stage frame
stage packing nationwide delivery
stage packing nationwide delivery
packing legs and bracing the stage
Aluminum alloy stage is produced at Hoang Sa Viet company
Round stage
The circular stage was built by Hoang Sa Viet
Mini stage for school
Mini stage for preschool

Catwalk stage used in restaurant wedding party
Catwalk stage used in restaurant wedding party

Transparent stage using tempered glass
Transparent stage using tempered glass