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When we look at a certain event, we can see and feel how professional and the investment of that company is. Therefore, choosing a reputable event agecy company, helping to create ideas, plan and implement the organization is extremely important. Currently, there are many event companies, especially in ho Chi Minh City and neighboring southern provinces; So which unit to choose prestige, quality and receiving a lot of good feedback from customers is very important to note? In the article below, Hoang Sa Viet would like to send to you the Top 10 event companies in Vietnam (Viet Nam) in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City. Let's see it with us now!

✅Hoang Sa Viet Event Agency Company

2021 marks the process of more than 10 years of establishment and development of Hoang Sa Viet Investment and Development Company. As the leading prestigious & professional event organizer in Vietnam, HSV is proud to bring customers good products/services, based on shared values and towards long-term sustainable development. Not only that, HSV is continuing to make continuous efforts for the overall development of the event organization industry - Affirming the Vietnamese brand.

Intel Group New Year Party organized by Hoang Sa Viet Company (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

Intel Group New Year Party 2021
Intel Group New Year Party 2021 (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

Intel Group Gala Dinner 2019
Intel Group Gala dinner 2019 (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

Hoang Sa Viet received the event with diverse content nationwide, especially focusing on Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc and neighboring southern provinces. Events include:

  • New Year's Day, Year-end Organization
  • Groundbreaking organization - groundbreaking
  • Opening and inauguration organization
  • Organizing conferences and seminars
  • Celebrating its establishment
  • The product launching ceremony,...
  • In addition to the event service
The 25th anniversary of Hai Beo orchid garden
The 25th anniversary of Hai Beo orchid garden (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

Techcombank Year End Party
Techcombank Year End Party (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

Hoang Sa Viet also has full hardware equipment, including: Light sound, LED screen, stage, tarpaulin, table and chairs,... In particular, HSV owns a Viettruss factory with an area of 5000m2 specializing in producing equipment for the event. This helps customers save and optimize transportation costs/personnel when using Hoang Sa Viet's package service.

✅Cyber Show Event Agency Company In HCM

Cyber Show Group is remembered by customers for its professional working style, always one of the pioneering event companies in creating new, creative and unique event programs. As the first choice of many domestic and foreign corporate customers. The outstanding customers are: Vietnam Airlines, Prudential, Lotte, Honda, Saigontourist, Gumac, Mercedes-Benz, ABC Bakery, Yose,...

Gala Dinner Perfetti
Perfetti family gala dinner night (Source: Cyber Show)

In addition to product/service quality, Cyber Show pays special attention to image promotion and increasing brand awareness for businesses; Thereby helping to create more experience value for customers, as well as reaching out to potential customers in the future better.

Grand opening Honda Hoang Viet
Honda Opening Ceremony (Source: Cyber Show)

Company trip Prudential VN
Prudential Vietnam's annual company trip (Source: Cyber Show)

Roadshow Zema
Zema Brand Roadshow (Source: Cyber Show)

Possessing a team of highly specialized and experienced personnel combining branches stretching in the southern provinces. This will be an outstanding advantage because customers will achieve many practical effects economically as well as other goals and message values.

✅ Vietlink Event Agency Company In Ho Chi Minh

Vietlink - A unit of Vietlink Marketing Communication with more than 10 years of operation in the field of professional event organization. With a solid core value of "Responsibility - Cooperation - Professional - Creative - Honesty", Vietlink is striving to become a leading provider of professional event services in Vietnam.

Signing Ceremony
Signing ceremony (Source: Vietlink)

The Wedding Party
The wedding party was planned and organized by Vietlink (Source: Vietlink)

Vietlink is proud to bring customers many different values:

  • Organizing events with diverse scale, nationwide: Customer conferences, press conferences, product launches, inaugurations, groundbreaking groundbreakings,...
  • Provide individual and package organizational equipment services
  • Provide professional consultants, a team of highly specialized technicians and a lot of experience in combat.
Decor Welcomes
Decor welcomes the conference gratitude to Asian American customers (Source: Vietlink)

Customer Appreciation Conference
Customer Appreciation Conference (Source: Vietlink)

Lễ ra mắt sản phẩm CLS.Trade
Launching ceremony of CLS.Trade products (Source: Vietlink)

✅VTH Media Event Company

Referring to VTH media company is referring to a young team that is extremely dynamic, enthusiastic and always creative. They work for passion, so they are constantly learning and improving their skills to conquer most different customers, so that even the most demanding customers.

Masan Chef King Contest
Masan Chef King Contest (Source: VTH)

Highly appreciated by customers for good product quality and service. Enthusiastic and professional consultants; A team of professional and dynamic technicians; Flexibility in handling many unexpected situations, ...

Coming to VTH, you can be completely assured because they always put the interests of customers first. Always understand and prioritize customers. That is why VTH always receives a lot of good feedback from customers after each event ends.

VTH Media Event Company
VTH Media Event Company (Source: VTH)

✅Viettours Event Ageny Company

Viettours is a familiar name in the minds of customers - A well-known unit in the field of tourism. Grasping that strength, Viettours expands its tourism connection with team-building activities for its main customers. Viettours specializes in designing and organizing team building activities indoors and outdoors, combining many unique games and situations to help participants feel happy; Thereby promoting the spirit of collective solidarity, stimulating emotional disclosure, helping them temporarily forget the difficulties every day.

Rehearsal Party of Vietnam Airlines
Rehearsal party of Vietnam Airlines (Source: Viettours)

Viettour is a diversified event organizer large and small throughout the country and abroad. Thereby creating for customers a very interesting experience package.

In addition, Viettours organizes a variety of events to meet the needs of customers: Inauguration party, customer conference, anniversary party, New Year's party, commendation ceremony, fair and other commercial events,...

Vietnam Airlines Party Space Setup
Vietnam Airlines Party Space Setup (Source: Viettours)

Vietnam Airlines' board of directors raised a toast
Vietnam Airlines' board of directors raised a toast (Source: Viettours)

✅ Hoang Huy Media & Event

Referring to Hoang Huy Media, you will surely immediately think of monumental events, with extremely unique and novel ideas. Such as: "Queen Huyen Phi Award Night 2020 - Premier festival", "H&M store - Mark youth", "Shine - Shine with Bamboo", "CC. White Cosmetics - CC Camp & Gala Dinner",...

Đêm tiệc Huyền Phi Award 2020
Opening performance of Huyen Phi Award 2020 (Source: Hoang Huy Media & Event)

Famous and well-known by the nickname "Organizing and creating professional events". Hoang Huy Media received: Organizing package events (Mainly hanoi and Ho Chi Minh areas); Provide event equipment (Light audio, LED display,... high quality with a team of experienced technicians); Provide event personnel (MC, singer, PG, dance group) ,... This will definitely be a great choice if you are looking for a unit that can do well in all aspects, from creativity to director, human services, planning and organization,...

Tiết mục múa mở màn thương hiệu Bamboo
Bamboo's opening dance performance (Source: Hoang Huy Media & Event)

Tri ân hệ thống cửa hàng của H&M
Gratitude to H&M's store system (Source: Hoang Huy Media & Event)

Gala dinner thương hiệu Nấm
Mushroom Brand Gala dinner (Source: Hoang Huy Media & Event)

Công ty tổ chức sự kiện Hoàng Huy Media & Event
Hoang Huy Media & Event Company

✅ A2Z Event Company In Hanoi

A2Z event takes the philosophy of operation: "It's not just TALENT - CREATIVITY - KNOWLEDGE - SHINE. We also focus on DILIGENCE - DETAIL - PRACTICE - CRITICISM". Always customer-centered, this is what A2Z's management team has cultivated over the past 6 years and has now partly affirmed its name in the event industry, receiving much love from customers, partners and the respect of many event masters ahead.

Lễ khánh thành nhà máy Vinfast sản xuất ô tô
Inauguration ceremony of Winfast automobile factory (Source: A2Z Event)

Lễ ra mắt sản phẩm Sunshine Diamond River
Sunshine Diamond River Product Launching Ceremony (Source: A2z Event)

"Teammates" is the most valuable thing that A2Z Event company is proud to own. Highlights are: Vietnam Talented Singers Festival, Vietnam Rice Festival, Vietnam Fruit Festival, Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, Dalat Flower Festival, Hue Festival, Korean Food Festival, Thai Village Festival, Asean Food Festival ...

Hội nghị khách hàng Vietcombank Tower
Vietcombank Tower Customer Conference (Source: A2Z Event)

✅ Phan Dang Event Company In Ho Chi Minh City

Groundbreaking, opening - inauguration ceremonies, celebrations and activation organizations are the strong services of Phan Dang media company (Phadanco).

Công ty tổ chức sự kiện chuyên nghiệp
Professional event company (Source: Phan Dang)

With a team of young, dynamic company staff, professional working style, and high expertise; Especially under the guidance of experienced leaders in the event organization industry, Phadanco is proud to be a friend and reliable partner with many organizations/businesses during the past time. And Phan Dang also believes that, with the continuous efforts of all the brothers in the company, customers and partners will continue to stick together for a long time in the near future.

Tiệc tất niên công ty ACC
ACC Year-End Party (Source: Phan Dang)

Tổ chức sự kiện chuyên nghiệp
Organizing team building for businesses (Source: Phan Dang)

Setup sân khấu sự kiện
Setting up the event stage (Source: Phan Dang)

✅ Phat Hoang Gia Event Company

Established in 2010, Phat Hoang Gia is no stranger to mentioning the top famous event organizers in Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, PHG is always the first choice of Conference & Wedding Centers by a team of young dynamic, enthusiastic, creative and always working based on the motto "Each customer is a friend". Thereby giving customers the most perfect service value.

Liveshow ca nhạc
Music live show (Source: Phat Royal)

Year End Party tập đoàn Soeco
Year-End Party Soeco Group (Source: Phat Hoang Gia)

In the spirit of taking artistic value as the foundation and orientation for all products and services, PHG always leaves many impressions and differences in the hearts of customers every time the event ends. With all the persistent efforts and trust of customers, Phat Hoang Gia is growing stronger and stronger. Up to now, the company has 3 branches and warehouses in two major cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Lễ tri ân khách hàng Vietinbank
Gratitude ceremony for VietinBank customers (Source: Phat Royal Family)

Khai trương cửa hàng Di Động Việt
Opened Viet Mobile store (Source: Phat Hoang Gia)

✅ Cosmos Event Company In Ha Noi

The last unit we want to talk about is the professional event company Cosmos. In the company's policies and regulations, the motto "Constantly improving the quality of products, perfect services and professional working performance" is always highly appreciated. That is why Cosmos always receives a lot of love from customers. Up to now, Cosmos is constantly working to continue to meet more events with a larger scale of customers.

The events that Cosmos focuses on include: Inauguration ceremony, celebration, conference, gala dinner, year end party, festival, company trip, groundbreaking, product launch,...

Logo công ty tổ chức sự kiện chuyên nghiệp Cosmos
Cosmos professional event company logo (Source: Cosmos)

Sự kiện tri ân khách hàng Viettel
Viettel Customer Appreciation Event (Source: Cosmos)

Above are the Top 10 prestigious and well-known event companies in Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern region. Hoang Sa Viet hopes that you will choose the most suitable event company, and will organize the most successful events. If you have any further questions, please contact hotline 0985 999 345 for enthusiastic advice and details. Thank you!