Organizing the establishment anniversary is an event to mark the day the company was established, to celebrate, to be a milestone for the growth and development of the business.

In order to organize an establishment celebration, it is necessary to understand the business, summarize the process of formation and development of the enterprise, summarize each stage, the difficulties and opportunities of the enterprise. Therefore, the event will be the most difficult to do if it requires high professionalism. At the same time, the organization of the celebration requires careful planning, and good coordination between the company's directors, key personnel and professional event organizers.

Hoang Sa Viet Media is a unit with 10 years of experience in the event industry, we would like to share with you what to do before organizing a celebration for your business.


Celebrate the founding anniversary
Celebrate the founding anniversary
Hoang Sa Viet - a company specializing in organizing anniversary celebrations (source: Hoang Sa Viet)

The program to guide you to create a quote to organize the Anniversary Celebration event

Celebrating the company's founding
The venue for the first chosen anniversary celebration

Usually, if the business has a large enough space, suitable reception conditions, then holding a celebration at the headquarters of the business is also the best choice. In case the premises conditions at the enterprise's premises are not guaranteed, it is imperative to choose restaurants, hotels, and event centers. Before looking for the right location. We need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • How many people attended the event? What is the size of the event?

  • How is the event organized? How to decorate?

  • Is it appropriate for the event to take place outdoors or indoors?

  • What is the weather factor in the stage of the organization?

  • Traffic factors, how will guests move to the event?

Company founding anniversary
Hoang Sa Viet - Professional and prestigious organization of the anniversary celebration

Thus, after determining the number of attendees, and the content of the work and event decoration, we will be able to determine the location to suit the 5 factors mentioned above. From there, it is possible to locate the most suitable locations. In order to be able to reserve a place for yourself at the desired time, the company must deposit a month or more in advance, especially at famous places and luxury hotels. Booking in advance also helps the company to be more proactive when there are changes such as postponement or cancellation of the program.


The time of the organization should be on the right anniversary to add meaning.  Or on weekends for the convenience of attendees
How to choose the event time (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

The time to organize the celebration has been set up a long time in accordance with the date of establishment of the business or choosing a certain date as an important first step; or on a beautiful day nearby. In order to choose the time to organize, many companies have to look at the beautiful day according to the universal calendar; and choose that beautiful date in fact to match the guests attending. The event should be on Saturday morning or Friday evening. This time does not affect the work of the guests and the company, but it does not spread to Sunday - Everyone's relaxing day.


In organizing an event, the organization's budget is the most important thing to determine, because when the cost is a lot of money, the business needs to focus on what items are appropriate?. Some items that often have to be spent on the year-end party we list below, depending on the priority, the business can allocate funds accordingly.

  • Venue rental cost

  • Decoration cost

  • Food cost

  • Arts expenses

  • Gift cost


The celebration script must be the coordination of many people. In which the business owner is the person making the request. The event organizer coordinates with the company's personnel to implement that idea.

Having a detailed and thorough script will help the show go more smoothly
Having a detailed and thorough script will help the program go more smoothly (Source: Collected)

The celebration script is the most important step. The script is like a movie that needs to be reviewed before being shown to the public. The script must describe the events of the ceremony in detail. The rituals, images, designs, decoration, lighting, and sound follow a seamless flow... Since then, the organizing team soon discovered the flaws that lead to chaos and incoherence. The script after completion should be moderated by the manager and approved by the company's leadership. To be both consistent and accurate with the message that leaders need to convey. Below is a sample of the Celebration program script designed at a basic level.


Welcoming guests to the event is the first step that most businesses have to pay attention to when conducting an event program. The event organizer will coordinate in consulting and assigning personnel to welcome guests as well as arrange positions to attend the ceremony for important guests, creating the professionalism of the business as well as the ceremony.

celebration guests
Welcoming guests to attend the celebration

The program usually opens with a special art performance or a cultural performance performed by the company's employees. The performance is meant to convey the message of the ceremony and is also an impressive highlight for the guests attending.

Dance to celebrate the anniversary
Dance performance to celebrate the founding anniversary (Internet source)

At the end of the opening performance, it was also time for the MC to welcome the guests and introduce the ceremony and some important people in attendance. Choosing a professional MC contributes to a successful program and HOANG SA VIET will be the most perfect choice in providing program personnel, bringing satisfaction to customers and program guests.


The speech will be an emotional sharing from the leadership, in which a sincere thank you to all the contributions of the staff as well as customers and partners during the operation. past move. Since then, emphasizing the role of leaders as well as staff of the company and enterprise, highlighting the pride and dedication of all employees as well as tightening customer partnerships. .

A short video covering the operation image as well as a journey through will enhance the emotion of the speech, contributing to enhancing the uniqueness and professionalism of the program.

Speech of the company's founding anniversary
The speech needs to be well prepared to create the message of the celebration

This is an indispensable activity in any establishment anniversary program, an act of gratitude as well as appreciation for the dedication that employees have brought. Each gift suitable for each individual and collective object will be a word of encouragement, a fire that fuels the next journey of all employees towards their career as well as the future development of the company. company, enterprise. In addition to gifts for the dedication of employees, gratitude to partners will help strengthen working relationships, enhance cooperation and attachment.

Awarding prizes
Program of awarding, honoring and rewarding on the occasion of anniversaries

The accompanying art activities will remove the boring atmosphere, create excitement and impress the guests attending. The cultural program will be a special highlight in addition to gratitude activities. A home-grown art competition among the staff, alternating professional performances of singers, dance groups, etc. will contribute to building a spirit of solidarity as well as cheerfulness and creativity in the company. job. Choosing a professional service provider and a team of talented performers will be a highlight in the program. With a team of professional performance personnel, HOANG SA VIET is committed to providing customers with singers, dance groups, music groups that match the meaning and scale of the program with the most professional and attentive service.

Performances and awards ceremony

The event organizer with the MC undertakes to coordinate with the consultant to organize games and quizzes between the time of the event, stir up the program atmosphere, and bring satisfaction to the guests attending with delicious dishes. small gifts, enhancing the professionalism and impression of the program.


MC will on behalf of your company and business send thanks to the guests attending, announce the closing of the ceremony with the hope that the program has brought the best experiences. Show the affection and respect that the management has for the staff as well as the guests.


A professionally organized team will bring the most perfect program
A professionally organized team brings the most perfect program (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

The person who organizes the celebration can be the staff of the business itself. Thus, there will be more initiative and cost savings than hiring a professional event organizer. However, when using human resources of enterprises, there are often many limitations in terms of expertise. The organization is incoherent, it is easy to have small problems because the organizer's experience is not enough to detect shortcomings. So with large-scale events, you should balance using a professional team, the organization becomes much lighter. The event organizer will implement the ideas and desires of the business in a coherent and professional manner. The message of the ceremony became solemn and attractive, making a good impression on the attendees.


The establishment celebration needs a lot of items, depending on the size of each event, you can choose the necessary and most suitable equipment for your event listed below:


Sound for the founding anniversary event
Sound for the founding celebration
Light for celebration
Light for celebration
  • Celebration program theme background (backdrop, LED screen): View details

Celebration program background
Celebration event backdrop
celebration stage floor
Main stage for the show
Tarpaulin event celebration
Tarpaulin for the founding anniversary
Tables and chairs for delegates
Tables and chairs for delegates
Tables and chairs for VIP delegates
Tables and chairs for VIP delegates
  • Decoration of event space (decoration of tarps, miniatures, banners, banners, balloons, hot air balloons, star screens, light boxes...): View details

Decoration of event space
Decoration of event space
Decoration of event space
Decoration event space celebration
  • Pallets are used to line the floor if the floor is not beautiful: See details

Plastic pallets for floor coverings
Plastic pallets for floor coverings
Event carpets
Event carpets
  • Podium with fresh flowers and brand identity logo: View details

The podium for the celebration
  • Glitter cannon or effect machine (fireworks..): View details

Glitter cannons for events
Glitter cannons for events
Chapagne wine
Chapagne wine
  • Set of event rituals (celebration rituals...): View details

Event etiquette set
Set of Ceremonies Event Celebration
  • Tea party, teabreak (if held in the morning)

  • Savory party for guests (if any)


Welcome Gate
Gate welcomes celebration guests
Welcome gate for the celebration
Welcome gate template for celebration
Beautiful welcome gate template for celebration
Welcome gate template for celebration

Reception desk welcomes guests
Reception desk welcomes guests
  • Umbrellas for reception to welcome guests: See details

Umbrella eccentric
Umbrella eccentric
Delegate flower brooch
Delegate flower brooch
Path carpet
Path carpet
  • The barier pillar leads the way to the event center: View details

Guide barier pole
Guide barier pole


Photography Background
Celebration photo background
Photo booth for celebration
Photo booth for the founding anniversary
  • Lighting to support filming and taking pictures (if needed): See details

Light to support filming and taking pictures
Light to support filming and taking pictures
Host MC
Welcome dance performance
Event singer
Dragon lion lion for the event
  • PG and the front desk staff welcome guests See details

PG and the reception staff welcome guests
Filming and taking pictures

✅ Test the program and proceed

Reviewing the program before the event takes place will avoid unexpected problems
Reviewing the program before the event takes place (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

After completing all the steps. The program test and review must be done at least 3 hours before the event. To see if the preparation is still lacking and fix it soon. The event requires a general manager (Director) to observe all the happenings that will take place during the ceremony. Can the program manager see if the organization is up to standard? Is there any problem or not? Human resources have not been transparent enough to correct it in time. Finally, when the time comes, the ceremony will be performed.

Above is the basic information related to the steps to prepare to organize a perfect celebration event. You need more detailed information Hoang Sa Viet Media will send to customers when using our services.