About Hoang Sa Viet Company & Field of Operation

  • 20/07/2020
  • Hoang Sa Viet Investment and Development Company was established in 2011. In the early days of establishment, Hoang Sa Viet with a team of 5 members had more than 7 years of experience in advertising and event organization.

    Through many ups and downs, Hoang Sa Viet is proud to be a leading prestigious brand and has made a strong transition to multidisciplinary activities, from the arts to the entertainment industry and gradually developed into the fields of automatic engineering, construction engineering and energy power.

    CEO - Hoàng Sa Việt

    The inauguration ceremony and put into use truss frame factory, aluminum stage with an area of 6000m2 in Binh Chanh - Ho Chi Minh City

    Operating in the industry with more than 9 years of experience, we are proud to bring customers good products and services with the most professional style on the basis of sharing prices and towards long-term sustainable development. We hope that with the optimal way but containing many enthusiasms of dynamic and experienced staff will conquer most of the hearts of customers when step by step come to us. Hoang Sa Viet has been and will always try its best for the common development – affirming the Vietnamese brand. Thank you for taking the time to research about us.

    ✅ Field of Operation Of Hoang Sa Viet

    ✔ Consulting, designing, constructing and installing projects

    HSV owns a system of audio equipment, lighting, Led screens from famous and reputable brands in the world such as PR Lighting, Yamaha, Allen Heath, Goodwill, Promax, ... Installing the project is considered as a key activity of Hoang Sa Viet with projects that have been
    installed such as: projects in Binh Phuoc province, Becamex project, Cam Ranh resort, HTV stage, ...

    ✔ Leasing Equipment for Events

    Established with 3 technical teams operating in parallel, Hoang Sa Viet has become a unit that receives a lot of trusts, accompanied in many major events in the fields of education, health, real estate, construction, ...

    ✔ Production of Event Equipment

    The large factory, equipped with many modern machines is a condition for Hoang Sa Viet to develop further in the field of production, especially event equipment such as aluminum alloy truss frames, tarpaulin houses, ...

    ✔ Home Equipment Supply

    Hoang Sa Viet is the main importer and distributor of home audio equipment products such as Livestream recording microphones, family karaoke sets, receiving many positive feedbacks from customers.

    ✅ Hoang Sa Viet's Strategic Vision And Service Policy

    The vision of Paracel Islands

    Service policy of Hoang Sa Viet

    ✅ What Did Have Hoang Sa Viet Achieve?

    Hoang Sa Viet - the title achieved

    Hoang Sa Viet - the title achieved
    • In 2013, the National Office of Intellectual Property awarded "Excellent Brand 2013".
    • In 2015, the Ministry of Science and Technology was awarded "Brand Trust" by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
    • In 2016, the Vietnam Association of Business Development Sciences was awarded the title "Vietnam Strong Enterprise 2016".
    • March 2017 Celebrating "Paracel Vietnam 5 Years 1 Journey" Raising the scale of revenue of VND 100 billion / year.
    • March 2019 Come construction of a factory producing sound and light equipment, aluminum alloy truss frame, stage and event accessories in Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City with a scale of 6000m2
    Nhà xưởng Viettruss
    Vietruss Factory of Hoang Sa Viet Company (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

    ✅ Where We're Dedicating

    Hoang Sa Viet is a unit known by many "brothers" in the profession with professional working style, prestige and good service quality. In recent years, Hoang Sa Viet has constantly improved and raised its value, along with the "enthusiasm", enthusiasm, dynamic and breakthrough to get a foothold in today's fiercely competitive market.

    We, with nearly 100 people proud to be a part of Paracel Vietnam, here we are devoted, working hard and constantly improving ourselves to improve every day.

    Overview of Hoang Sa Viet Company

    Sếp Hoàng Sa Việt - luôn nhiệt tình với nghề
    Mr. Hoang Sa Viet - always enthusiastic, enthusiastic about the profession

    Customers need us to have - it's hard for customers to have us

    We attend Prosound - a major exhibition in the industry

    Receive an award for active professional activity

    Receive awards for active activity in the company

    Above are the introduction of Hoang Sa Viet company to customers and businesses to understand more about us. For more information or service advice, customers and businesses please contact hotline 0985.999.345