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Vsip FMS Company Year-End Party 2019 In Binh Duong

  • 06/08/2021
  • Organizing a year-end party is a meaningful activity of businesses at the end of the year, this is considered a cultural feature of most businesses today. The Year-End Party gives all employees great relaxing moments and is full of memorable memories, and at the same time, it is also an opportunity for businesses to recognize and reward individuals and groups. can appear during a year of working and striving at the company.

    On December 27, 2019, Hoang Sa Viet Company was honored to be selected as a companion to organize the year-end party at Vsip FMS company in Binh Duong, the event was held at the campus of Vietnam's industrial park - Singapore, Thuan An town - Binh Duong.

    ✅ The process of organizing the year-end party of Vsip - Binh Duong

    In order for the event to be organized in the most professional and successful way, the event organization process is indispensable.

    ✔ Contact for a consultation and get a preliminary quote

    When wanting to organize an event, Vsip FMS company contacted to receive advice and quotes at Hoang Sa Viet event company, made requests and wishes for Hoang Sa Viet personnel to base on that. A preliminary event quote system is held. At the same time, the two sides also came to an agreement to send personnel to survey the site and work more closely with customers.

    Currently, at Hoang Sa Viet company, the step of contacting, exchanging, and consulting quotes can be reduced when customers use quick quotes to organize events:

    ✔ Survey of event venues

    The personnel of Hoang Sa Viet company was dispatched directly to Binh Duong to survey the event venue, from which to consult, plan, and develop ideas in the most suitable way. At the same time, working directly with the personnel responsible for the main event organization at the company

    Vsip year-end party
    The stage at the year-end party of Vsip FMS

    ✔ Get detailed quotes for organized events

    Based on the request, based on the survey location to organize the event, the personnel of Hoang Sa Viet company will actively build a detailed quote, present the plan, idea, and message of the event in a timely manner. The most specific and complete for the two parties to sign the contract and go into the organization

    ✔ The two parties sign the contract

    After agreeing on a detailed quotation for organizing the year-end party, the two parties will sign the contract and handle it according to the existing terms in the contract.

    Vsip - Before the event takes place
    Vsip - before the event takes place

    ✔ Complete the contract and liquidate

    Upon completion of the event, all parties will conduct the inspection and liquidation of the contract, and at the same time, the two parties will learn from experience and the shortcomings that need to be overcome so that they can do better in the organization and connection of employees. the.

    ✅ Year-end party at Vsip FMS company in Binh Duong

    VSIP FMS is an enterprise specializing in providing industrial park protection services, landscape care and maintenance, factory maintenance and industrial cleaning services.

    Welcome gate at the year-end party
    Design the year-end party gate to attract the attention of guests

    Aiming to be an integrated people-centered, environmentally-friendly town and industrial park developer that provides the first choice for people to live, work, study, and play.

    The year-end party is an opportunity for all employees to relax and enjoy the year-end, temporarily putting aside the bustling activities of the year. This is also an opportunity for the leadership to evaluate and reward employees, to create a close relationship with employees.

    Personnel attending the year-end party
    Personnel attending the year-end party

    HOANG SA VIET would like to thank VSIP FMS Company for trusting and using our services to successfully organize this year-end party! Wish the Company will grow more and more in the new year.