Aluminum Alloy Mobile Assembly Factory Manufacturing

Aluminum Alloy Mobile Assembly Factory Manufacturing

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  • Made in Viet Nam
  • Product name: Aluminum alloy mobile assembly workshop
  • Brand: Viettruss
  • Frame material: T6061 aluminum alloy -
  • Roof material: Heat-resistant gray tarpaulin or corrugated iron roof
  • Temporary accommodation for workers at the factory
  • Prevention of covid 
  • As a temporary warehouse,
  • Mobile car park
  • Vaccination tent house
  • Mounting type: Quick assembly
  • Using truss . modules
  • Mobility of all types of premises and terrain
  • Warranty: 20 years (1 year warranty on canvas)
  • Sell ​​or rent by month (unit price per m2)
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Currently, when the economy is growing, the demand for the use of industrial factories and factories is increasing. It requires fast construction progress to meet production and business requirements of many companies. Therefore, the form of prefabricated factories and mobile assembly workshops has become a trend in recent years. To understand more about prefabricated factories, especially aluminum alloy mobile prefabricated factories, we invite you to follow the information below.

✅ Learn about aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory

✔ Mobile assembly workshop

Aluminum alloy assembly factory
Aluminum alloy assembly factory of Hoang Sa Viet company

An assembly factory, also known as an assembly house, is a type of house that is pre-manufactured, constructed and assembled at the construction site. The factory contractor will carefully calculate each structural detail, and at the same time execute the production with the most suitable size.

The assembly workshop includes components such as frames, roofs, columns, main doors, etc., which are manufactured in advance and transported to the construction site. Here, the contractor for the design and construction of the factory will assemble within a certain period of time, putting the factory into operation as quickly as possible.

factory roof
Dome mobile assembly factory
Factory assembling aluminum frame
Factory assembling aluminum alloy frame

Assembly factories are often used to make factories for production such as garments, necessities or industrial factories with many modern production lines,... Especially convenient assembly workshops for businesses. when necessary flexibly change the location in accordance with business conditions and factors.

✔ Aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory

On the market today, assembly workshops from many different alloys, notably iron alloy assembly workshops, steel assembly workshops and aluminum alloy assembly workshops.

Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the type of business, depending on the business purpose and usage needs, customers choose the appropriate type of mobile assembly factory with alloy.

Factory assembling canvas roof
Aluminum alloy assembly workshop, covered with tarpaulin

✅ Advantages of aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory

Through many studies and comparisons so far, aluminum alloys always have more advantages than iron alloys. So what are the advantages of the aluminum alloy assembly workshop and the iron alloy assembly workshop specifically?

✔ Easy construction, factory installation

For this type of workshop, the construction and installation are usually quite simple, with few complicated operations. Thereby, saving a lot of time for businesses.

Installation and construction time depends on the size, nature of the factory, and the personnel deployed,...There are factories, just need to construct and install the same day to be able to go into operation.

Pictures under construction of the factory
Construction of the factory, ensuring the progress of the work

✔ Easy to disassemble and transport

Assembled canvas houses are blocks of components that are assembled together. Therefore, the assembly workshop is convenient for disassembling and transporting. Also reuse when needed.

✔ No need to apply for a building permit

Normally, when building works on vacant land, customers need to apply for a permit from the authorities. However, for mobile assembly plants, this stage can be shortened.

Build assembly workshop as a simple solution to save time and effort, not complicated design, construction,....

✔ Good heat resistance

With the local hot weather, the aluminum alloy assembly factory is the right solution. The materials from aluminum alloy are usually light, new technology, have good insulation ability to help reduce cooling costs in summer and save cooling electricity energy.

✔ High aesthetic effect

In conventional factories, the roof is covered with corrugated iron. However, for the aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory, the roof used is a canvas roof to help increase the aesthetics of the canvas house. In addition, workshops with bright, smooth aluminum frames also add to the aesthetics of the factory space.

Aluminum alloy assembly factory brings high aesthetic effect
Aluminum alloy assembly factory brings high aesthetic effect

✔ Flexible factory size

Aluminum alloy assembly workshop is assembled from aluminum alloy truss frame modules. Therefore, it is easy to increase and decrease the size of the factory, especially in the condition that when the business is long-term and growing stronger, it is much more convenient to use the aluminum alloy assembly factory. enterprise.

✅ Mobile assembly factory production service in Hoang Sa Viet

Hoang Sa Viet is one of the leading units in investing in manufacturing and leasing aluminum alloy mobile assembly factories. For temporary factories, in a relatively short period of time, customers can prioritize the solution of renting a mobile assembly factory at Hoang Sa Viet company.

Hoang Sa Viet Company
HSV - aluminum alloy mobile assembly workshop for sale and rent

Hoang Sa Viet fully meets the criteria to serve customers:

  • Labor quality requirements: Hoang Sa Viet has well-trained human resources from abroad, having taken on many assembly factory projects in the localities. Ensure to serve customers and meet essential requirements during construction and installation

  • Compliance with labor quality: with construction sites at height, construction workers are always equipped with safety belts, life-saving ropes, etc. to ensure completion of the assigned schedule without any problems. What a pity happened.

Hoang Sa Viet Company
Factory of Hoang Sa Viet company
  • Supervision of the construction process: in each project or work, the staff is always present and supervised throughout to strictly control arising problems. At the same time, ensure the construction progress and project handover.

  • Quickly handle arising processes: during the construction of the assembly workshop, it is inevitable that there will be problems arising. However, with many years of experience in the profession, the team of engineers of Hoang Sa Viet company will minimize the arising problems and find the best way to overcome and solve.

  • Checking results: in each phase of project construction, we always have an inspection and troubleshooting phase to ensure that the factory is assembled safely, accurately and aesthetically.

Factory of Hoang Sa Viet company
Factory of Hoang Sa Viet company
Producing aluminum alloy truss frame in Hoang Sa Viet
Producing aluminum alloy truss frame in Hoang Sa Viet

✅ Price list of aluminum alloy factory for mobile assembly in Hoang Sa Viet

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