Mobile Assembly Prefabricated Factory

Mobile Assembly Prefabricated Factory

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Most manufacturing and construction businesses need a factory when operating. However, nowadays, to build a factory requires businesses to spend a lot of time, cost, human resources, and sometimes encounter difficulties in the construction process. Therefore, the solution to build mobile prefabricated factories has been applied more and more, in order to "troubleshoot" the concerns of businesses.

At this point, customers will surely wonder, what is a mobile assembly prefabricated factory, why not use an iron alloy mobile prefabricated factory but should use aluminum alloy?

✅ What is a mobile assembly prefab factory?

Mobile assembly prefab factory

Prefabricated factories are those that are fabricated and installed according to specified technical and architectural drawings. The product making process includes 3 stages: design, fabrication of components and assembly at the construction site.

Mobile assembly prefab factory is a type of prefabricated factory, from available components for construction and assembly, and has the ability to be flexible in transportation between areas.

Like the mobile assembly prefabricated factory, the mobile assembly workshop has similar characteristics, but has some outstanding advantages such as faster construction and installation time, high degree of accuracy, and high reliability. higher aesthetic, ....

factory space
Factory space

On the market today, mobile assembly workshops are manufactured with many different sizes and materials: aluminum alloy mobile assembly workshops and iron alloy mobile assembly workshops. So what are the differences and how are the factories made of these two alloys different?

✅ Distinguishing aluminum alloy mobile assembly workshop and iron alloy mobile assembly workshop

Basically, these two types of workshops have the same properties, only differing in the construction materials. So what is this difference?

✔ Iron alloy mobile assembly factory

We all know that iron is a heavy metal, with a grayish-white color, with toughness, good electrical and thermal conductivity, so it is widely used in industry. Including manufacturing and assembly plants.

Currently, there is a mobile assembly workshop made of iron alloy with low cost, suitable for companies, production and business enterprises, industry, construction,....

Construction of iron alloy assembly factory
Construction of iron alloy assembly factory

✔ Aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory

Aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory is structured from aluminum alloy truss frame modules, silvery white color, with beautiful metallic luster.

Aluminum alloy has many outstanding advantages over iron alloy such as light weight to reduce weight, high hardness, durability, safety and not rust, saving part of the cost of coating compared to iron materials.. Therefore, in today's modern industry, people are gradually turning to this metal, including the use of aluminum alloy mobile assembling tents.

Aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory
Aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory - Hoang Sa Viet company

✅ Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy mobile assembly workshop

✔ Easy construction, factory installation

Aluminum alloy is durable and very light, so the installation of the mobile workshop becomes much easier. The contractor will reduce complicated operations, installation and construction time to save costs for businesses.

There are factories that can be put into operation just by construction and installation in the same day.

✔ Easy to disassemble and transport

The aluminum alloy assembly workshop is made up of aluminum alloy truss frame modules. Therefore, the assembly workshop is convenient for disassembling and transporting. Also reuse when needed.

a kind of mobile assembly plant
A kind of mobile assembly plant

✔ No need to apply for a building permit

Aluminum alloy factories are usually flexible, easy to disassemble and relocate, so it solves the problem of the premises of the business, without the need to apply for a construction permit. Thereby saving time, effort and costs for businesses.

✔ Good heat resistance

With the local hot weather, the aluminum alloy assembly factory is the right solution. The materials from aluminum alloy are usually light, new technology, have good insulation ability to help reduce cooling costs in summer and save cooling electricity energy.

✔ High aesthetic effect

In conventional factories, the roof is covered with corrugated iron. However, for the aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory, the roof used is a canvas roof to help increase the aesthetics of the canvas house. In addition, workshops with bright, smooth aluminum frames also add to the aesthetics of the factory space.

✔ Flexible factory size

Aluminum alloy assembly workshop is assembled from aluminum alloy truss frame modules. Therefore, it is easy to increase and decrease the size of the factory, especially in the condition that when the business is long-term and growing stronger, it is much more convenient to use the aluminum alloy assembly factory. enterprise.

✅ When to invest in building aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory?

The mobile assembly factory is a place to gather human resources, equipment, materials, etc., to serve the production, preservation and transportation of goods in the industry. Therefore, most businesses in the manufacturing and trading industry need a factory with a capacity of up to thousands of square meters.

  • When offices and offices cannot meet the large capacity needed in production and business, people look to the solution of making factories, and aluminum alloy mobile assembly workshops.

  • When your business needs a business workshop and has an expansion strategy in the future, you can use the aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory because of its flexibility in size and installation structure.

  • When businesses are in need of a factory solution that not only helps to cover the sun and rain, but also creates a comfortable feeling for employees, cool on hot days and save electricity costs.

  • When businesses care a lot about obtaining a construction permit, it is difficult or impossible to obtain a permit, or many cumbersome procedures... because the aluminum alloy mobile assembly factory does not need a building permit. .

  • When businesses want to quickly have a factory to go into production, and at the same time bring aesthetic factors, they should choose aluminum alloy mobile assembling tents. Because this factory is installed and constructed extremely quickly.

✅ Some aluminum alloy mobile assembly factories made by Hoang Sa Viet company

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