Hall Stage

Hall Stage

Price: 2.100.000 d

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  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Brand: Viettruss
  • Material: Aluminum alloy T6061-T6
  • Standard: Japan JIS4100
  • Height: 600mm-1600mm
  • Width: 1228mm
  • Depth: 1228mm
  • Weight: 23kgs
  • Load capacity: 300kg/Module
  • Warranty: 5 Years
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Previously, the hall stages were consulted, designed and constructed by the units in a fixed form with materials such as: Steel frame, concrete podium. Today, most designers are turning to the design of assembled and mobile assembly hall stages. This is really useful because nowadays the programs operating in a hall are quite diverse. Events taking place here also vary greatly. Therefore, it is not feasible to construct hall stages in a fixed form. So with the evolving performance technology. The formation of portable assembled aluminum alloy stages for the hall is a prevailing trend today because of the following factors:

  • The hall stage using T6061-T6 aluminum alloy is super durable, light, and beautiful
  • The hall stage uses a smart Connector to make the connection firmly and easily disassemble
  • The stage floorboards are covered with waterproof film with a degree of more than 5 years
  • Floor panels are optionally designed with color materials or tempered glass
  • Stairs up and down can adjust the height according to the stage height
  • The height of the stage can be customized according to the floor plan of the hall, making it simple and effective for visibility
  • Save on transportation costs, quickly disassemble and stomp in the hall
  • Suitable for conference centers, halls, stages, performance events


✔ Stage height and width:

  • The stage height needs to match the vision of the nearest and farthest people, and the stage height must also be in harmony with the stage area.
  • The stage area needs to be in harmony with the overall ground. Normally, the stage area is usually 10-20% of the total space

✔ Beautiful and luxurious backdrop

When designing the stage, the first thing you have to do is choose the type of curtain that is suitable for the nature of the ceremony. The right type of curtain font needs to meet the following factors:

  • Aesthetically beautiful and elegant.
  • The color of the space matches the space of the hall.
  • Durable material that does not wrinkle.

✔ Arrange the stage suitable for each use

The layout of the auditorium 's stage furniture needs to adhere to certain principles. Meeting stages in schools and state agencies are dignified. You need articles according to the following standards:

  • The podium is located in the right corner near the edge of the stage.
  • The position of the banner is to the left of the background, the area accounts for nearly 1/3 of the total length of the background.
  • Text frames, icons, logos are placed below the yellow star and to the right of the curtain font. Make sure to place it higher than the speaker's head.
  • Uncle Ho's podium is placed close to and on the same axis as the red flag strip with yellow star, decorative table for flowers.


Application Stage hall, wedding party, conference
Alloy material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6 . Aluminum Alloy
Connection Type Connector mount for smart connection
Module size Width 1228mm x Depth1228mm
Structure Connector profile frame
Maximum payload 300kg/module
Floor wood type MDF covered with water-resistant film, tempered glass
Wood plank thickness 18mm - 20mm
Maximum payload 500kg/module (static) - 200kg/module (dynamic)
Weight 23kg/module

Company hall stage
Stage, conference center, wedding party, mobile assembly

The floor of the stage podium is covered with green carpet (Hoang Sa Viet)
Aluminum frame T6061-T6 mobile stage production application
Semicircular hall stage designed and constructed by Viettruss
The stage of the tempered glass hall was constructed and assembled by Hoang Sa Viet
Check the tonnage at the stage hall of the HTV Ho Chi Minh City studio
Assembling hall stage for 5 star hotel in Hanoi
The project of installing the hall stage in Hanoi is performed by Hoang Sa Viet company

Viettruss Workshop, the number 1 prestigious theater production site in Vietnam
The design stage can be assembled with multiple floors flexibly
Actual image of aluminum alloy stage for a ground-breaking event
Raised stand for stage on uneven ground
Stage produced by Hoang Sa Viet at a company hall in Binh Duong
Stage braces use anti-slip clamps
Artistic 3D assembly stage for special events
Inspecting the mobile assembly stage at Ho Chi Minh City TV station
The portable stage is designed in many shapes and is flexible in artistic design

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