Mobile Event Stage

Mobile Event Stage

Price: 1.800.000 d

Code: Sân Khấu Sự Kiện

Status: Stocking

  • Unit price: 1,500,000 - 2,200,000 VND/m2
  • Model: Portable Event Stage 
  • Stage hall, outdoor events
  • Origin: Vietnam - Brand: Viettruss
  • Module: 1220x1220mm or as per design
  • Height: Flexible lifting height 10 levels.
  • Board material: MDF covered with film
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy T6061-T6
  • Connection type: Connector flower star fruit
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • The price above is a reference price, please contact the staff to quote directly
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What is event theater?

Event stage , also known as performance stage , is an important part of organizing events . It is a platform or space designed for events, musical performances, plays, choreography and many other theatrical activities.

Notes when constructing the event stage

  • Design and Dimensions: Event podiums can come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit the needs and scale of the event. They can be rectangular, square, semicircular or trapezoidal in shape and can be height adjusted to suit specific performance requirements. Should choose the height of the stage to suit the view of the majority of the audience.
  • Stage materials: Event podiums are usually made from sturdy materials such as wood, steel, aluminum alloy. This material ensures stability and safety for the artist and the technical team.
  • Steps up and down: The event stage has steps up and down, so choose the number of steps to suit feng shui, in which the signs "birth, old age, illness, death" should be noted. Should choose the last step that falls in the "birth, old age" sign.
  • Easy to install and transport: Event podiums should be designed for easy installation and disassembly. They can be moved and stowed for convenient transportation and use in various locations.
  • Customizable size: Event podium can be customized to flexibly size, convenient to decorate other miniatures of the event.

Introduction of aluminum alloy stage

In the past, the Event Stages for events were often produced by the units themselves by arranging and shooting boards each time the event took place. This consumes a lot of labor costs and setup time, but it is inefficient, uncertain and unsafe. Today, material technology has introduced T6061-T6 aluminum alloy material for hardness equivalent to iron. But it is a very light material, does not corrode, does not oxidize, and the correct connection ensures high safety and aesthetics.

Mobile event stage
The stage can be raised and lowered for the event of a mobile event

Experience buying stage for events

Events are only held according to a fixed time frame, the stage construction and assembly needs to be completed accurately, on time and safely. To ensure other equipment will be assembled on that stage. That is why events must always be well controlled in the timeline for the event to take place correctly. The stage is the soul of the event. The stage is usually assembled first and then the other items. If the stage is shipped and assembled slowly, it will adversely affect the progress of the event. The launch of mobile aluminum alloy stage products in 2022 has confirmed a new step for the event industry. Modern stage production technology, high quality and durability will help replace iron stages as before.

The outstanding advantages of aluminum alloy stage.

  • Quick assembly stage (100m2 in just 60 minutes with 3 workers)
  • The stage is light and durable because of the non-oxidizing aluminum alloy material
  • The stage uses high-quality water-resistant film-coated plywood
  • Outdoor durable waterproof plywood stage suitable for events, rental companies
  • Japan JIS H4100 Tested High Quality Standard Stage
  • The stage height can be flexibly raised from 0.4m - 2.0m
  • The stage responds well to uneven terrain
  • Labor and transportation costs are reduced by more than 60%
  • The investment efficiency is very high compared to the stage products made of iron stage material

Specifications of event podium

Application Stage hall, wedding party, conference
Alloy material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6
Connection Type Connector mount for smart connection
Module size Width 1228mm x Depth1228mm
Structure Connector profile frame
Maximum payload 300kg/module
Floor wood type MDF covered with water-resistant film, tempered glass
Wood Board Thickness 18mm - 20mm
Maximum payload 500kg/module (static) - 200kg/module (dynamic)
Weight 23kg/module

Mobile assembly stage for a convention center event
Mobile assembly stage using T6061-T6 . aluminum alloy material
Carpet-covered stage floor plank for wedding conference center
Portable assembled circular stage for special events
Installing a mobile stage for a 5-star hotel in Hanoi
Solid-molded connector, fast and secure connection
The stairs up and down automatically adjust the height to any height of the stage
The height of the stage can be adjusted arbitrarily.
Viettruss Workshop, the number 1 prestigious theater production site in Vietnam
The design stage can be assembled with multiple floors flexibly
Actual image of aluminum alloy stage for a ground-breaking event
Raised stand for stage on uneven ground
Stage produced by Hoang Sa Viet at a company hall in Binh Duong
Stage braces use anti-slip clamps
Artistic 3D assembly stage for special events
Inspecting the mobile assembly stage at Ho Chi Minh City TV station
The portable stage is designed in many shapes and is flexible in artistic design
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