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Compare The Similarities And Differences Between Groundbreaking Ceremony And Groundbreaking Ceremony

  • 05/04/2021
  • For Eastern people in general and Vietnamese people in particular, worshiping and everything related to spirituality is always an important factor when changing or starting to do something big. From daily life to economic work. And the construction industry is no exception. Before the investor receives a piece of land and starts construction, all must complete the groundbreaking ceremony, pray for everything to be smooth. However, many people are still confused between these two concepts, which is why Hoang Sa Viet shares an article comparing the similarities and differences between the ground-breaking ceremony and the ground-breaking ceremony, right below.

    ✅ Similarities between groundbreaking ceremony and ground-breaking ceremony

    In terms of spirituality, both the groundbreaking ceremony and the groundbreaking ceremony are the first steps for a construction project; Therefore, it all means wishing for luck, convenience, and smoothness for the owners, those involved in the construction and the favorable development of the project until they settle down and settle down later.

    Groundbreaking ceremony of Fico . factory
    Groundbreaking ceremony of Fico cement factory (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

    In terms of communication, both ceremonies are considered as important communication stepping stones, helping to build the image and promote the brand of the project & business to investors, partners and potential customers. It is a very effective communication channel if the ceremony is organized in a methodical and professional manner.

    The last very important factor that cannot be ignored is the Law. The groundbreaking ceremony and the ground-breaking ceremony to be conducted must comply with the general regulations of the construction ministry. More specifically, it must satisfy the conditions of Articles 89 & 107 of the 2014 Construction Code, which stipulates:

    • The investor or homeowner must have a valid building permit.
    • There are construction drawings designs of the work item.
    • There is a construction contract signed between the investor and the contractor.
    • Take measures to ensure safety and protect the environment during construction.
    Groundbreaking ceremony
    There must be permission of the law for the groundbreaking ceremony to take place (Source: Internet)

    Thus, if your business meets the above requirements, it can legally hold the ground-breaking ceremony and vice versa; If the project is not granted a construction permit, there is no need to start ground-breaking work.

    ✅ What is the difference between the groundbreaking ceremony and the groundbreaking ceremony?

    ✔ Organization time

    The first difference is the time of the event. The groundbreaking ceremony is held right after the work is licensed and the investor officially takes over that land for future construction. The groundbreaking ceremony will be held when the project officially goes into construction. Both ceremonies can be merged into one and held at the same time. However, if the investor does not want to build, the ground-breaking ceremony can be held first.

    ground-breaking ceremony
    The time for the groundbreaking ceremony and the ground-breaking ceremony is often different (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

    ✔ Spiritual Purpose

    According to folk beliefs, each piece of land has a god of earth going to rule. Therefore, when starting to receive the land, prepare for noisy, noisy construction works, disturbing and changing the land; Disturbing the gods here. The groundbreaking ceremony is performed to obtain permission to build on that land. Hope the gods will bless the project construction process smoothly, as well as the new people who come here to live or work always be happy and happy.

    Groundbreaking ceremony
    The spiritual purpose of the groundbreaking ceremony and the ground-breaking ceremony is also different (Source: Internet)

    From ancient times, it is said that the land that you are about to build may be the residence of many deceased spirits or a place where sacred shrines/temples were once built. Therefore, the Groundbreaking Ceremony is considered as a ritual to pay respects to the deceased spirits and the ancestors to ask for their help and hope that the spirits will happily and joyfully move to another land. For projects, when organizing, it is necessary to perform a lot of stages to the land, such as: Demolition, pile pressing, foundation work, ... To pray for the project construction process to go smoothly. , without difficulty or hindrance.

    Groundbreaking offerings
    The ritual of praying to the gods for protection, helping the project to have a lot of luck (Source: Internet)

    Above are the sharing of Hoang Sa Viet about the similarities and differences between the two events of the groundbreaking ceremony and the ground-breaking ceremony. We hope we will have the opportunity to work and cooperate in organizing events for your business in the near future. Wish you will have the most perfect ceremony, always have a lot of luck and smoothness in the construction process.