With the current economic and spiritual development, wedding restaurant services are more and more focused than ever. So how to design a wedding restaurant sound system in the right way, professionally and economically. Let's find out with Hoang Sa Viet right in this article!

✅ What should you pay attention to when designing a standard wedding center sound system?

Following the trend of the times, the entertainment and wedding industries are booming in the market, leading to the continuous development of audio-visual technology. Until now, every 1 year, audio manufacturers will release new products. Will integrate many new features for the product. New features are smarter, mainly to make it easy for users to operate and exploit. Wedding restaurants are increasingly demanding advanced and high-end sound systems to meet the high demands of the market.

Having worked in this field for many years. We understand that the most important part of a system's effectiveness is still the design stage. System design does not mean bringing together expensive products to produce good results. The essence of the design of an audio system is to solve the logical problem for the following four factors:

  • Right for the intended use of the owner.
  • The device works well in space and the environment.
  • Simple operation, maintenance, and maintenance.
  • The investment cost for the system is suitable.

When designing a wedding restaurant sound system that meets the above 4 factors, the system achieves the highest investment efficiency. Therefore, it shows the importance of designing sound systems for restaurants, weddings, and meeting rooms, and it is necessary to have reasonable solutions for each project and work to ensure efficiency, minimize many investment problems that are not intended, ineffective.

Image of sound and light system
Image of sound and light system at Mipec wedding restaurant provided by Hoang Sa Viet company
(Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

✅ How to design a professional and effective wedding restaurant sound system

The sound system of the wedding restaurant is actually not that simple, because the wedding restaurant is often less interested in the sound system right from the design stage. That leads to difficulties for sound units when implementing projects. However, in the current conditions, there will be no other way, that is to find the best way to do the job. Therefore, the following issues need to be carefully considered before designing the system to achieve the highest efficiency.

✔ Design a sound system similar to the size of a wedding restaurant

How much is the area of ​​the wedding restaurant to use, and the number of people to design the sound accordingly? This is simple, but it will make it easier for you to consider and choose audio equipment that is capable of diffusing to all locations of the wedding restaurant, avoiding the situation of buying speakers that are too loud compared to no one. narrow space and vice versa.

In addition to the area factor, the height factor of the wedding restaurant should be considered. In the case of a high-ceiling wedding restaurant, the design becomes simple. But for restaurants with low ceilings of less than 4m, hanging high-powered speakers will not be suitable for different listening positions. The best method for low-ceiling wedding restaurants is to use speakers with sufficient power and evenly spread the speakers to distribute the sound most evenly.

wedding restaurant using speaker system
Photo of a wedding restaurant using a loudspeaker system provided by Hoang Sa Viet company (Source: Internet)

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✔ Using synchronous, compatible devices, compact system design

The audio equipment included in the design should choose the latest equipment, simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain and capable of updating new technologies. Do not use too many devices with duplicate functions. Systems should be integrated so that they are compact and easy to transfer technology.

Note: The design of a cumbersome system is often due to a preference for numbers, but that was not really necessary and sometimes backfired for the operator.

sound system design diagram
Image of a design diagram of the sound system for a professional standard wedding restaurant (Source: Internet)

✔ Interior design enhances sound dispersion, sound absorption reduces echo

This is important for a wedding restaurant with standard sound quality. The sound engineers will consult from the very beginning for the best interior design for the sound system. The materials used for decoration are usually porous, soft, wood, curtains to reduce echo - echo occurs in the wedding restaurant.

Game Center wedding restaurant uses professional lighting system
Image of Game Center wedding restaurant using sound-absorbing and sound-dispersing materials (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

✅ The method of choosing the most reasonable wedding sound equipment

Investors often have anxiety and worry when spending money to invest in a sound system. Because sound is a product that cannot be measured immediately, its effectiveness will often result after a process of use. Most investors often believe in choosing partners to cooperate with and avoid risks. However, in terms of funding, perhaps they do not grasp every specific detail. The following content will be shared with you so that you can have more information for reference.

✔ Should buy genuine equipment, with clear origin with CO, CQ

Customers can limit their investment costs, so they can buy products at cheaper prices of not-so-famous brands in the market. But hope you should not buy fake goods, imitation goods. Current audio equipment is quite diverse, the price and quality of genuine brands, including Chinese goods, if it is genuine, it is still good. Buying counterfeit products will only save money in the short term, but mostly fake goods are made in Vietnam with poor quality. Units using counterfeit goods are also often units with low reputations.
CO, CQ are certificates of quality, origin of goods are genuine products provided to importers by the customs departments of the host country.

✔ Choose reputable and experienced units in the market

Reputable and experienced units in the market will be very careful when performing a job that can affect their reputation. You should consult the prices of these units first to get the most reasonable design. Then we will refer to similar units to choose a unit with a good price with similar equipment.

exhibition booth of Hoang Sa Viet company at Prosoud 2019 exhibition
Image of exhibition booth of Hoang Sa Viet company at Prosoud 2019 exhibition (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

✔ Choose the right equipment and enough for the purpose of use, meeting the basic requirements well

When the budget is limited, you should list the main purposes that need to be used so that the design and consulting units are suitable for the main purposes first. Then the secondary purposes will be prioritized later. Normally, the budget package is limited, if one factor is met, the other factor is reduced. Need to go to the heart of the work, reduce redundant or unnecessary equipment for later investment. You ask the consultant to choose the equipment as neat as possible to still meet the requirements without being too expensive and redundant.


Some speaker brands for wedding restaurants you should refer to

Equipment for creating effects for the stage is very beautiful, very popular among customers today

✅ What are the specialized audio equipment used for wedding restaurants?

Below are the commonly used audio equipment for wedding restaurants, we arrange them in descending order of importance as follows:

✔ Full/Line Array speaker system Main speaker for restaurant and wedding party

The main speaker ( full speaker ) is the most important device in all sound systems. This is the device used to distribute the main sound for the wedding restaurant serving the listeners below. Full speakers usually have 2 types: Full Line Array and Full wall mounted.

  • For wedding restaurants with large numbers, usually choose Line array speakers (requires high ceilings) that can be hung high to evenly cover the space of the wedding restaurant.
  • Wall-mounted speakers are often used for wedding restaurants with a small area, or with low ceilings, which will be evenly distributed around the wedding restaurant. In current full speakers, there is a built-in amplifier and DSP inside the speaker called Active Line Array. This Active speaker system makes the design and operation of a sound system very simple.
Product image of Line Array Promax speakers at Plasshow exhibition (source Hoang Sa Viet)
Product image of Line Array Promax speakers at Plasshow
(Source: Hoang Sa Viet Media)

✔ Mixer, audio mixer, signal mixer

The mixer is the heart of the system, currently, the Digital Mixer line has been very popular on the market to replace traditional mixers. Digital mixers incorporate a variety of technologies that make operating a system simple and uncluttered.

Image of Allen Heath Qu24 mixer is very popular on the market (Source Hoang Sa Viet)
Image of Allen Heath Qu24 mixer is very popular on the market
(Source: Hoang Sa Viet Media)

✔ Amplifier, amplifier, sound amplifier

Amplifier, also known as Amplifier, is a device that takes the input signal from the Mixer and then enhances the sound amplitude to push out the speaker, also known as an amplifier. If the speaker system has a compatible built-in Amplifier, there is no need to use this device.

Image of amplifier, power amplifier, pusher (Internet source)
Image of the amplifier, power amplifier, pusher (Source: Internet)

✔ Signal Processor, Processor, Crossover, Equalizer, Compressor

Audio processing devices such as Crossover - Crossover, Equalizer - Frequency filter, Compressor - Compressor signal, ... today are built into a device called Audio Processor. This device receives the signal from the Mixer to process it according to the intention of the installer, then transfers the signal to the power amplifier and output to the speaker. Today's digital mixers often also have these functions, so in the design process, professionals will need to consider the need for

Signal Processor DBX PA2
DBX PA2 signal processor is very popular today (Source: Internet)

✔ Microphone set, Stage box, Connector Jack, speaker wire, signal wire, power divider

These are small devices, the must-haves, we categorize them last because there are many necessary products, depending on each requirement, you can choose the quantity, and the type to suit your needs. well suited.

✅ Large sound and light equipment company in Ho Chi Minh City

There are many reputable and capable units to carry out projects of supplying and installing audio equipment in Ho Chi Minh City, we cannot name them all. However, below are typical enterprises in the industry that have operated for 10 years or more and have affirmed their brands in the Vietnamese market.

  • Tan Huu Tai Sound and Light Company
  • Music Center Sound and Light Company
  • Truong Thinh Sound and Light Company
  • Hoang Sa Viet sound and light company
  • Minh Tan light and sound company
  • ShowTech Sound and Light Company
  • Ba Sao Invest sound and light company
  • Sound and light company Prosound Center
  • Viet Thuong sound and light company
  • .......

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