Passived 4-inch Sub Speaker XT-15 SUB

Passived 4-inch Sub Speaker XT-15 SUB

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  • Origin: Thailand
  • Brand:
  • Height: mm
  • Width: mm
  • Depth : mm
  • Weight: kgs
  • 1 year warranty
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✅ Specifications Of 4-inch Subwoofer XT-15 SUB Genuine Thailand

4-inch subwoofer P.Audio XT-15 Sub is a compact professional sound reinforcement subwoofer designed for use with compact sound reinforcement systems requiring extended deep bass response. The XT-15 Sub is a powered design consisting of a 1200 watt (600 watt continuous) peak amplifier module. The amplifier module features a line-level high-pass filtered output and both gain and phase control features. The XT-15 Sub incorporates a 15-inch (381mm) long probe mounted in an optimally vented housing. Housing with threaded pole adapter (M20). An optional pole is available to combine the XT-15 Sub with the P.Audio XT-8 or XT-10. Combining the XT-15 Sub with one of the two XT flagship enclosures in a bi-amplified design creates a very powerful system that delivers deep, extended bass and remarkable sound pressure levels in a compact setup. extremely compact design. The maximum peak SPL is 126dB. The XT-15 Sub has an electronically balanced XLR input. The enclosure is constructed of high-quality plywood and finished with a very durable polyurea coating. The XT-15 Sub is a very high-performance design with an extended low-frequency response and high reliability for use in a wide variety of indoor applications. The XT-15 Sub is a very versatile design and works well not only with the XT-8 and XT-10 but also with the Compact and Gallardo series when deep sub-bass is required.

XT-15 SUB 4-inch subwoofer

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