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Topping Up Ceremony & Things You Must Know

  • 05/11/2021
  • To have a solid house is thanks to the foundation, but to protect the house, it is indispensable for the roof. Therefore, Vietnamese people have a saying "A child without a father is like a house without a roof", through which we also clearly see the importance of the roof to the house. That is also the reason that the homeowners/constructors are very interested in the topping ceremony and organize the ceremony in a thorough and thorough manner. Let's learn more about the topping ceremony with Hoang Sa Viet in the article below.

    ✅ What is the Topping Ceremony?

    The roof-topping ceremony, also known as the roof -roasting ceremony or another beautiful name, is the Thuong Luong ceremony (In Chinese, "Thuong" is Top, "Luong" is the beam) - It is the day to guard the bar between the roof of the house and the roof. slope house with rafter.

    The topping ceremony is one of the important ceremonies when building houses or building high-rise buildings. The ceremony is conducted on the day of pouring the roof or pouring concrete for the roof floor. The completion of the roof is the final step to complete the work, so it is often held very solemnly.

    Topping ceremony
    The topping-out ceremony is always organized neatly and solemnly (Source: Internet)

    ✅ Meaning Of Topping Ceremony

    According to the concept of the ancients, the topping ceremony has spiritual meaning. The ritual is understood as a way to report to Tho Cong that the construction work is almost completed, this will be the home / peaceful residence of the owner; With the hope that the owner and other members will be blessed, peace and prosperous business.

    For large projects: apartment buildings, high-rise buildings, etc., the topping ceremony is even more appreciated and organized by investors; Show care and believe that all luck and smooth sailing in work/business. In addition, rituals also help build & promote brand image.

    Topping ceremony
    The topping ceremony has an important meaning for life and business in the future (Source: Internet)

    ✅ Things to keep in mind when conducting the Topping Ceremony

    ✔ Time for the roof-topping ceremony

    To make the roof-topping ceremony go smoothly as well as life and business in the future, choosing a good auspicious day is one of the very important things. You should choose the days and times that suit the owner's destiny, if not, you can go to the feng shui masters to help you.

    • Homeowners or investors should choose good days such as: Sinh Chi, Loc Ma, Hoang Dao, Giai Than
    • Need to avoid bad days such as: Black Dao, Assassin, Hung Phuc, Trung Tang, Tho Forbid

    ✔ Choose a representative to take off the roof

    Not everyone can stand to be the one to perform the topping ceremony . The ceremonial representative must have a par with the year of building the house; Otherwise, it will bring many difficulties, even many unpredictable disasters.

    Topping ceremony
    It is necessary to choose a representative for the topping ceremony (Source: Internet)

    ✔ What does the roof offering ceremony include?

    A tray of offerings must include:

    • 1 roast pork or 1 boiled chicken.
    • 1 tray of five fruits.
    • 1 plate of sticky rice / banh chung.
    • 1 plate of salt.
    • 1 bowl of rice.
    • 1 bowl of water.
    • 1/2 liter white wine, pack of cigarettes, tea.
    • 1 set of Quan Than Linh clothes, hat, all red, white sword.
    • 1 set of flower gold nails; 5 golden money ceremony.
    • 5 red flags; 5 betel leaves; 5 areca berries.
    • 5 round fruits; 9 red roses.

    You can prepare more or less ceiling offerings depending on your wishes, needs as well as regional cultural differences.

    Topping ceremony
    The simplest roof-worn offering tray (Source: Internet)

    Topping ceremony
    A full, hearty offering is very important for the topping ceremony (Source: Internet)

    ✔ Vow to pour the roof

    After conducting the rites, the homeowner will perform the reading of vows to build the roof of the house . Prayer texts also have many different forms, here are samples you can refer to:

    ✅ Hoang Sa Viet - The Most Prestigious Topping Up Ceremony Company

    Understanding the meaning and difficulties as well as wishes of customers for the session, Hoang Sa Viet always tries its best to become a reliable companion. With a team of young, dynamic, enthusiastic and experienced topping ceremony ; We are confident to bring you the best service experience.

    Above is information about the topping ceremony for your project. If you have any questions, please immediately contact hotline 0985 999 345 (Press key 2) for enthusiastic advice and support. Hoang Sa Viet is very honored to cooperate and accompany your success.