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Detailed Instructions on How to Worship Earth, Correct Feng Shui

  • 01/04/2021
  • According to the traditional custom of the Vietnamese people, before starting to build a project, the owner will conduct the groundbreaking ceremony. So how to perform a groundbreaking ceremony is methodical and standard feng shui. In today's article, Hoang Sa Viet will find out with you!

    ✅ The origin of the groundbreaking ceremony?

    According to ancient Chinese records, the Groundbreaking Ceremony has existed for a very long time, from about 113 BC. That year was the Year of the Dragon, at that time, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty realized that the court only had the custom of offering sacrifices to heaven, but not of the earth, so he had a meeting and discussed with the officials in the court to organize the Hau Tho festival. Thank you Earth god. According to the ancient custom, people often hold the groundbreaking ceremony on the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year.

    Groundbreaking ceremony
    Groundbreaking ceremony for a large project (Source: Internet)

    Groundbreaking ceremony
    Groundbreaking ceremony of Tay Ninh cement factory (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

    According to Asian folk beliefs, making a house/construction is one of the most important things in everyone's life. The performance of the groundbreaking ceremony is to pray that everyone living, living and working in that house/work will always be healthy, reap a lot of fortune and luck in life.

    ✅ Meaning of Groundbreaking Ceremony

    Since ancient times, it is believed that each piece of land has a guardian spirit. Therefore, the things that affect the gods of the land, the dragon veins of that area (For example Building houses, factories,...) must have ground-breaking offerings with the meaning of asking for permission and reporting. to the Gods of that land about the coming change; In addition, I pray to the gods to bless everything.

    In terms of idealistic conception, the Vietnamese believe that the land that is about to be built, it may be a place of dead spirits or a place where sacred temples/temples used to be built. The groundbreaking ceremony is a request for the spirits to be happy and joyful to move to another place so that the work can proceed smoothly.

    Groundbreaking offerings
    A groundbreaking ceremony is very important (Source: Internet)

    ✅ Instructions on how to perform the groundbreaking ceremony

    ✔ Choose auspicious days and months

    In the groundbreaking ceremony, the step of choosing a good day and month is very important because it partly determines the peace, thereby increasing the later goodness of the project as well as the owner himself.

    Choosing a good date and time must also follow certain rules of feng shui. Is that time suitable for the age of the owner? Experience has shown that people belonging to the year of Kim Lau and Hoang Oc should not build houses/constructions. In such cases, these people have to borrow beautiful people to represent the construction work to sign their names instead.

    When carrying out the ground-breaking ceremony, the borrower will pray on behalf of the owner and the owner must stay away from the construction site for 50m or more, only after completing the groundbreaking can return.

    ground-breaking ceremony
    Choosing auspicious days and months is very important in the groundbreaking ceremony (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

    Small note: Should choose the days of Can Sinh Chi (Dai Cat), Chi Sinh Can (Tieu Cat), And it is necessary to avoid bad days such as Black Dao day, Killing Lord, Trung mourning, Restoration, ...

    ✔ Buy groundbreaking ceremony

    The ground-breaking tray shows some of the homeowner's dedication, sincerity and respect for the dead gods and spirits. However, depending on the economic conditions and religious customs of each region, sometimes the gifts are also different. Maybe just a tray of rice, a plate of fruit. But there are also many homeowners who buy big ceremonies such as pigs, buffaloes, cows, ...

    A full groundbreaking ceremony typically includes the following:

    1. 1 set of three slugs (1 piece of boiled meat, 1 boiled shrimp, 1 boiled duck egg)
    2. One chicken.
    3. A plate of sticky rice or banh chung.
    4. A plate of salt
    5. One bowl of rice, one bowl of water.
    6. White wine.
    7. Pack of medicine, tea.
    8. A set of Quan Than Linh clothes, hat, all red, white sword.
    9. A flower gold nail.
    10. Year of the golden money.
    11. Five red balls.
    12. Five betel leaves, five areca pods. (or 3 pieces of betel nut (salted)
    13. Five-fruit tray to break ground (Five round fruits: 5 kinds of fruits).
    14. Nine red roses.
    15. 1 plate of rice salt,
    16. 3 small jars containing salt-rice-water.
    Groundbreaking ceremony
    Full groundbreaking ceremony (Source: Internet)

    Notes when preparing ground-breaking offerings:

    • Offerings must be the cleanest and tastiest possible
    • When buying, do not haggle the price

    ✔ Prepare the groundbreaking vow

    Groundbreaking offerings
    Groundbreaking ceremony (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

    ✔ Conduct the right way to worship the groundbreaking feng shui

    Arrange the gifts on the table that has been prepared in the middle of the land that is about to be built. Should choose the most beautiful and high ground. The homeowner or the borrower begins the ritual.

    First, light two candles and light 07 incense sticks for men, 09 incense sticks for women. Next, stick 3 incense sticks on the offering tray, 3 incense sticks on the ground and 1 stick in hand with a man (03 with a woman). Note at this step, the owner of the clothes must be polite, neat, light incense in 4 directions, 8 directions and then return to the ceremony tray and make vows.

    Read the vow to break ground for the construction of the building (Prayer text in the section above), to ask for the protection and protection of the gods who govern the land as well as to pray for the joy of the deceased spirits. .

    After the offerings are completed, the incense is almost exhausted, the owners turn to gold coins, wares, and sprinkle rice salt. Then manually hoe the first hits or put the first brick in the place where you intend to dig the foundation to submit to the god Earth-Earth for permission to break ground. Note that brick must not change position during construction. After that, the crew can proceed with the construction work.

    After the incense fades, the householder pours the wine cups; Spreading cakes, sweets, rice, and salt on the construction site; Groundbreaking offerings are planted in the ground, but not brought home. Only 3 jars of salt, rice, and water are stored. Later, when entering the ordination, they put it in the Kitchen, the place to worship the Tao Quan.

    Groundbreaking ceremony
    The ritual of shoveling the ground during the groundbreaking ceremony (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

    Above is an overview of the feng shui groundbreaking ceremony for construction work. Hopefully, the above sharing of Hoang Sa Viet has helped customers better understand the groundbreaking ceremony. Wishing our customers the most successful and smooth groundbreaking ceremony.