Belden Audio Signal Cable I2331FF (USA)

Belden Audio Signal Cable I2331FF (USA)

Code: Belden-I2331FF

Status: Stocking

  • Origin: USA
  • Brand: Belden
  • Height: mm
  • Width: mm
  • Depth : mm
  • Weight: kgs
  • 1 year warranty
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✅ Belden AWG18 1 Pair audio signal control cable (1PR – 1 pair) – Belden I2331FF01

The Belden AWG18 1 Pair (18 AWG – 2 fibers) control voltage is used in industry, data transmission, control signal transmission, automation and audio systems. Belden I2331FF01 control cable has a TC core (Tinned Copper: silver copper), with insulation, anti-interference silver coating. The outer shell is made of tough PVC plastic, ensuring safety as well as stable operation for the system.

Belden I2331FF01 signal cable has 2 cores of 18awg cross-section equivalent to 1.0mm2 silver coated to increase anti-interference ability in environments with many electromagnetic waves, so at the receiving place, the correct signal is still received thanks to the special feature of the unit. The receiver has removed the noise. Belden 18AWG 2-fiber signal cable is very widely used in industry where the noise environment is quite high, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the system plus the ability to communicate at long distances with high speed, especially in places where there are many communication stations spread out over a large area.

Belden . signal cable

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