Raincoat For Moving Head Par LED Lights

Raincoat For Moving Head Par LED Lights

Price: 320.000 d


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  • Material: Oxford + PVC
  • Size: 42.5*41.5*23cm
  • Inner space: 16.7*16.3*9 inches.
  • Weight: 330g
  • 1 year warranty
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✅ Raincoat for Moving head - Par LED

Raincoats for Moving head-par LED lights to help users protect hydrophobic stage lighting equipment such as Moving Head lights, Par LED lights, Moving Mini lights from weather factors such as Direct sunlight from the sun, rain, and other weather elements. The raincoat for lights is designed with a ventilated area inside the raincoat, with high-temperature insulation to help you protect the light equipment in the best way, easy to fold, and has a shoulder to help you Easy to still transfer, store.

✅ Outstanding features of the Raincoat for Moving Head - Par LED lights

Protect stage lighting equipment such as Moving Head, Par LED from sunlight and rain.
The area inside the raincoat is large enough to dissipate heat.
High-quality synthetic material withstands high temperatures.
Lightweight, and compact size, making it easy for users to transport and store.
Streamlined design and meticulous composition, suitable for outdoor stage light shows.
Material: Oxford + PVC
Size: 42.5*41.5*23cm/
Inner space: 16.7*16.3*9 inches.
Weight 330g.

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