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The Secret to Choosing a Quality & Efficient LED Display

  • 21/04/2020
  • The LED display is a specialized device and comes in a variety of specifications. That's why choosing the type of LED screen is always a very "time-consuming" problem of the investor. LED screens have many complicated parameters, so investors need to find out carefully before deciding to buy. In order to avoid mistakes such as: Choosing the wrong product line, improperly installing the type or choosing the wrong supplier with inexperience. In this section. We, Hoang Sa Viet company, would like to provide you with some useful information such as:

    • How to choose the right led screen for your needs?
    • These specifications Importance of LED display need attention
    • Guide to estimate accurately through specialized software

    ✅ How to choose the right LED screen for your needs

    Choosing the right LED display for your needs is the first step that determines investment efficiency. Choosing the right type of LED screen to suit your needs will help investors save a lot of costs. The LED screens will operate more efficiently, recover capital faster and more importantly, operate and maintain it during use. In fact, LED screens have become more and more popular. And becoming more and more popular and important at events, wedding convention centers, restaurants, hotels, bars... For investors who have ever shopped, the screen specifications LED becomes very simple. For first-time buyers, we recommend taking the time to learn more about this product. Therefore, we created an article dedicated to guiding investors in the most detailed way.

    ✅ Specifications of LED screens to pay attention to

    LED screens have a lot of specifications. In fact, the "principle" of LED display installation suppliers must provide all these parameters to ensure the correct implementation of the installation contract. However, on the investor side, if you learn all those parameters, you will probably become confused. By the fact that there are many parameters, it becomes "default". That means every manufacturer is the same. Therefore, the fact that the investor only needs to pay attention and check the important parameters is enough to compare and evaluate the quality of each product. There are very important parameters that determine the price, durability, and image quality.

    • How much P LED screen? (P here means Pixel, it is a factor that determines the density of pixels in an m2 or simply determines the sharpness of the screen - the smaller the P, the sharper it is. So choose what P with the size. respectively, please refer to the following article: Which P LED display should I choose?

    • Outdoor or indoor LED display? It is not possible to bring the indoor LED screen to the outdoor installation, because the brightness is poor, and it is easily affected by the weather. But if you use an outdoor LED screen to install it indoors, the cost will be very high, but it may not be effective
    • LED screen using cabinet Casting or using an iron frame? Where is the difference? The cabinet helps to better protect the module, is easy to install, convenient to move but high cost. So to learn about cabinet types, please refer to the following link: Cabinet's role with LED screen
    • What kind of LED does the LED screen use? The LED bulb is an important member of an LED display's components. The LED bulb is the point of light. If the LED light is durable, the LED screen will be durable. So how many types of LED bulbs are in the LED display module, please refer to this article:
    • What IC does the LED display module use? IC is the second most important link in an LED display module. IC works to control the lights in the circuit board. Good IC will help smooth images, no flicker, no flicker, high operating frequency helps to capture sharp images. To know the types of ICs in the LED module, please refer to this article:

    ✅ Factors affecting the choice of LED screen

    The LED screen on the market today is quite diverse, so to be able to choose a Led screen suitable for your purposes, customers need to pay special attention to the following issues:

    ✔ Purpose of using Led Screen

    The purpose of the use is the most important factor in choosing a Led screen, when you determine the purpose of your Led screen, you will know what you need and what effects you will get from the LED screen. That Led screen.

    For example: To install an LED screen to watch movies, watch football in your home, you need to choose a type of Led Screen with high resolution to meet images and videos when watching in HD, Full HD or 4K.

    And if you want to install LED advertising screens for your store or company, then just choose the LED screens with the right resolution to meet your needs.

    Therefore, each different purpose of use will have different types of suitable LED screens.

    ✔ Led screen installation location

    Customers must determine the location they want to install is indoor or outdoor, this is quite important to be able to choose the type of Led: indoor LED screen (indoor) and LED screen outdoors (outdoor).

    Indoor installation location: If you want to install Led screens inside your home or in places with a discreet roof, you should choose the types of indoor Led Screens, here are some suggestions on the types of screens: Indoor LED screens are commonly used today:

    Led screen P3.91 indoor

    P3 Indoor Led Display

    Led Screen P2.5 Indoor

    Led Screen P2.0 Indoor

    Outdoor installation location: Installing an outdoor LED screen requires a fairly high brightness to display images and videos under the sun without being affected. Here are some suggestions for screen types. Outdoor led on the market today:

    Outdoor P6 Led Screen

    Outdoor P5 Led Screen

    Led Display P4.81 Outdoor

    Led Display P3.91 Outdoor

    In addition to the Led screens that we have suggested, there are many different types of Led screens, but depending on the purpose of use, customers can choose the following type of Led screen accordingly.

    Outdoor LED screen advertising in front of the building
    Outdoor Led screen advertising in front of the whole house (Source: Internet)

    ✔ Determine the size and viewing distance to choose the type of Led screen

    Determine size based on resolution:

    You can see that each Led screen will come with a letter "P" and a number on the back, "P" here means Pixel Pitch (distance between pixels), and the number behind is The distance between pixels is in mm For example An indoor P4 Led screen, it means that this screen has a distance of 4mm between pixels, the lower the distance between pixels, the higher the resolution of the screen. The higher the LED screen.

    P4 Indoor Led Display Module
    Indoor P4 Led screen has a center distance between two pixels of 4mm (Source: internet)

    Based on the distance between the pixels, you will calculate the size of the led screen you want to use, to give the desired image resolution, by multiplying the resolution by the parameter on the side. After the "P" of each type of Led screen, here are some current standard viewing resolutions:

    The LED screen meets the basic display resolution of (800 x 600 pixels).

    Led screen meets HD standard, has a resolution: (1280 x 720 pixels)

    Full HD standard LED screen, resolution: (1920 x 1080 pixels)

    Standard 4K LED screen with resolution: ( 4096 x 2160 pixels)

    To calculate the size of the Led screen based on the resolution we mentioned above, you can apply the following calculation:

    Led screen size (m2)= (Horizontal resolution x Pixel pitch) x (Height resolution x pixel pitch)

    For example, P3 indoor Led screen displays an HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, you will calculate as follows:

    (1280 x 3) x (720 x 3) mm= 3840mm x 2160mm= 8.3m2, which means that the P3 Led screen to display HD images must be 8.3m2.

    Determine the type of Led screen based on the available size:

    If you already have an existing Led screen size and are wondering which type of Led screen to choose, try our calculation method:

    Led screen type “P”= (Led screen width size (mm) / Horizontal resolution) x (Dimension height (mm) / Height resolution)

    For example: If you want to install a Led screen to watch movies indoors with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) with dimensions: 3m x 2m

    Then the type of Led screen you need to choose is the indoor Led screen type

    And there is a matching “P” as follows:

    P= (3000mm/ 1920) x ( 2000mm/1080)= 2.7mm => P2.7

    However, at present, there is no P2.7 Led Screen on the market, so you can choose a Led screen with "P" that is almost equal to the value you calculated such as: P2.5 Indoor Led Screen or P3 indoor Led screen, these 2 types of the Led screen still fully meet the resolution you require, but the size will be a little different from your original expectation.

    Depending on the resolution and type of LED, there will be different corresponding sizes
    Depending on the resolution and type of LED, there will be different corresponding sizes

    Determine the minimum viewing distance and the best viewing distance:

    The calculation of the safe viewing distance is normally based on the size of the Led Screen. The larger the LED screen, the farther you should sit to avoid sitting too close, causing eye strain and discomfort. We will divide the viewing distance of the Led screen into the following 2 categories:

    Minimum View Distance (MVD): is the distance at which the human eye perceives a cluster of LED pixels as a single dot. Calculated by the following formula: Minimum viewing distance = distance between pixels x 1000mm


    OVD (Optimum View Distance): is the distance at which the human eye can no longer perceive each pixel. Calculated according to the following formula: Best viewing distance = distance between pixels x 2000mm

    Led screen viewing distance
    Best viewing distance OVD for Led screens

    You can refer to some suitable viewing distances and sizes of each type of Led screen that we suggest below:





    MVD (M)

    OVD (M)

    STANDARD (800 X 600) PIXEL

    STANDARD HD (1280 X 720) PIXEL

    STANDARD FULL HD (1920 X 1080) PIXEL

    STANDARD 4K (3840 X 2160) PIXEL


    LED P1.25



    1m X 0.75m

    1.6m X 0.9m

    2.4m X 1.4m

    5m X 2.7m


    LED P2.5



    2m x 1.5m

    3.2mx 1.8m

    4.8mx 2.7m

    10m x 5.4m


    LED P3



    2.4mx 1.8m

    3.8mx 2m

    5.7mx 3.2m

    12m x 6.5m


    LED 3.91



    3m x 2.3m

    5m x 2.8m

    7.5mx 4.2m

    16m x 8.5m


    LED P4



    3.2mx 2.4m

    5m x 3m

    7.7mx 4.3m

    16.4mx 8.6m


    LED P4.81



    3.8mx 3m

    6m x 3.5m

    9.2mx 5.2m

    19.7mx 10.4m


    LED P5



    4m x 3m

    6.4mx 3.6m

    9.6mx 5.4m

    20.5mx 10.8m


    LED P6



    4.8mx 3.6m

    7.7mx 4.3m

    11.5mx 6.5m

    24.5mx 13m

    ✔ Estimated cost that you want to use to buy Led screen

    Please base on the expected cost that you want to use to choose the right type of Led screen. If your expected cost is high and you want the Led screen for sharp and vivid images, you can use it. Using Led screens with Full HD or 4K resolution will meet all the needs that you want. If your cost is not high, you can choose a Led screen with a moderate resolution of 800 x 600 pixels or a resolution of 720 x 576 pixels. But the most important thing is still suitable for its intended use.

    ✅ Why should you choose to buy genuine products?

    Hoang Sa Viet is a reputable and quality LED screen supplier that ranks in the top 10 in the current Led screen market.

    With the criterion "Quality products - Competitive prices - Professional personnel", we always bring to customers quality Led screen products, which are officially imported with full origin documents and Quality inspection papers from famous brands in the market today with competitive prices, in addition, we also have a team of professional staff with extensive experience and training to bring satisfaction. absolute love for you.

    If you are in need of learning or ordering a Led screen, what are you waiting for without picking up the phone and contacting us for specific advice?

    Pictures of some Led screen projects that we have done across the country:

    Led screen P4 indoor in Binh Phuoc
    Indoor P4 Led screen at the cultural center of Binh Phuoc province provided by Hoang Sa Viet with a total size of nearly 100m2

    Advertising led screen in Dien Bien Phu city
    Led screen P4.81 outdoor installed advertising buildings in Dien Bien City (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)