Construction of P5 Outdoor Led Screen At Becamex Binh Duong Stadium

Construction of P5 Outdoor Led Screen At Becamex Binh Duong Stadium

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Go Dau Stadium, also known by another name, Becamex Binh Duong Stadium. Becamex Stadium is in the top 10 largest stadiums in Vietnam, dubbed the "good land" of Becamex Binh Duong club.

Becamex Stadium - Binh Duong
Becamex Stadium - Binh Duong

1. Overview of Becamex Binh Duong Stadium

Becamex Binh Duong Stadium is a stadium designed and remodeled to become a modern stadium in the southern region. The stadium has a capacity of about 18,250 seats with 4 stands. The total area of ​​the football field is more than 4 hectares, located at the corner of 30/4 street and Binh Duong Boulevard. The stadium is home to many major football tournaments such as the National Championship, V.League, BTV Cup and Vietnamese youth tournaments, .. Besides,
Becamex Binh Duong Club has won There are many big tournaments at home, investing in the installation of Led screens at the yard is a necessity to be able to record the net shots from the home team as well as throughout the season.
Becamex Stadium with a capacity of about 18,250 seats
Becamex Stadium

2. Conduct site survey and install Led screen

After obtaining the agreement discussed from the two parties, the technical staff of Hoang Sa Viet conducted a field survey of the location:

  • Inspection of construction site: technical staff of Hoang Sa Viet conducts an overall survey of the LED screen installation area as well as the whole stadium.
  • Check the power line: technical staff check the power to the LED screen installation location, ensure that the power supply is always sufficient for the Led screen to avoid interruptions or unexpected incidents. Ensure the safety of spectators as well as BTC every time the tournament takes place.
  • Re-measure the ground accurately: the specialist will measure the size of the ground, thereby determining the size of the Led screen, the height of the Led screen how far from the ground, ..

After the survey was completed, the investor decided to choose the P5 outdoor Led screen for Becamex Binh Duong stadium.

Hoang Sa Viet installs Becamex Stadium Led screen
Hoang Sa Viet installs Becamex Stadium Led screen

3. Why should we use P5 outdoor Led screen for Becamex stadium?

  • Withstands harsh environmental conditions, especially with the weather in the southern region of Vietnam, which is clearly divided into two seasons, dry and rainy.
  • The size is not limited due to the structure that is easy to assemble and customize the size.
  • Extremely high brightness, clearly visible even under the sun, very suitable for installation at the football field.
  • Long life, up to 100,000 operating hours
  • Easy maintenance, high durability rarely damaged.
HSV . Outdoor Led Display
Outdoor Led Screen - Hoang Sa Viet

4. Hoang Sa Viet AVL - professional construction and installation unit of Led screen

Hoang Sa Viet AVL is proud to be the unit specializing in the supply, design and installation of the most prestigious and professional Led screen in Vietnam market.
With many years of experience in the field of supplying Led screens, Hoang Sa Viet AVL is trusted by customers to carry out many large and small projects in the country. We are committed to bringing genuine products to our customers.

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