Aluminum Alloy Portable Canvas House- Hexagonal Frame 3X3M

Aluminum Alloy Portable Canvas House- Hexagonal Frame 3X3M

Price: 2.880.000 d

Status: Stocking

  • Cage height: 2.25 ~ 2.45m 
  • Total height to roof: 3.25~3.45m 
  • Frame: Aluminum, turn on automatically
  • Outer leg: 30x30x0.8mm, convex square 
  • Inner leg: 25x25x0.8mm, square
  • Cross bar: 23x12x0.6mm
  • Connector: Heavy-duty nylon, Black 
  • Switch: Semi-automatic nylon switch, Black 
  • Position height: 3 
  • Fabric: Waterproof 600D 
  • Logo printing: None 
  • Weight: 14.5kg
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  1. Specifications of 3mx3m . mobile canvas house frame
  2. Features of mobile canvas house 3mx3m aluminum frame
  3. Hoang Sa Viet - Prestigious 3m x 3m aluminum frame mobile canvas house manufacturer

The need to shield people and objects in outdoor areas from the effects of the weather is a matter of great concern to many people. Instead of using traditional corrugated iron roofs that have to fix the entire roof, the toe of the roof is quite cumbersome and expensive, today the mobile canvas house is considered an effective alternative. In the following article, Hoang Sa Viet introduces to customers a 3mx3m high quality aluminum frame mobile canvas house . Let's find out more in the article below.

Aluminum Alloy Mobile Canvas House- Hexagonal Frame
Aluminum Alloy Mobile Canvas House - Hexagonal Frame (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)


✔ Specifications of the canvas frame 3x3

  • Cage height: 2.25 ~ 2.45m (Wall Height: 2.25~2.45m)
  • Total height to roof: 3.25~3.45m (Total Height: 3.25~3.45m)
  • Frame: aluminum alloy, automatic turn on (Frame: Aluminum frame folding tent)
  • Outer leg: 50x50x0.8mm, Convex Hexagon
  • Inner leg: 40x40x0.8mm, Hexagon
  • Cross bars: 23x12x0.6mm (Cross bars:23x12x0.6mm)
  • Connectors: Heavy duty Nylon, Black (Connectors: Heavy duty Nylon, Black)
  • Switch: Semi-automatic Nylon switch, Black (Switch: Semi-automatic Nylon switch, Black)
  • Height Position: 3 (Height Position: 3)
  • Fabric: Waterproof 600D (Fabric: waterproof 600D)
  • Logo Printing: None (Logo Printing: Without)
  • Weight: 14.5kg
Portable canvas house with aluminum alloy frame - hexagonal legs (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)
Hexagonal aluminum legs (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)
Mobile canvas house 3x3m
High-grade 3x3m aluminum tarpaulin house (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

Portable folding tent
See more models of high quality portable tents here (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

✔ Specifications of strapless canvas

  • Height: 2.1m (Height:2.1m)
  • Length: 9m (Length: 9m)
  • Connect to the frame by: Fabric laces (Connection to frame by: Fabric laces)
  • Material: oxford window + PVC waterproof 420D (Material: Waterproof 420D oxford + PVC window)
Mobile canvas house 3x3m
Multi-colored tarpaulin for 3x3m mobile tarpaulin (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

Mobile tent house 3mx3m
Crank tarpaulin for 3x3 mobile tarpaulins (Source: Internet)


3m x 6m high-grade aluminum frame mobile tarpaulin house

3m x 4.5m high-grade aluminum frame mobile tarpaulin house

What is a mobile tent? Currently, there are several types of portable canvas houses

Types of portable tarpaulins available on the market


Today, along with the development of society and increasing user demand, in addition to the feature of blocking the sun and rain, the 3mx3m mobile tarpaulin also serves many other needs. Here are the most important and basic features of the 3m x 3m mobile tarpaulin.

  1. 3x3 tarpaulin to help shield from rain and sun

The core and most important function of a portable tarpaulin is the ability to block sun and rain. Made of tarpaulin material with excellent water absorption, UV protection, protecting users even in extremely hot sunny environments. Moreover, the canvas has added resistance to color fading, helping the canvas to keep its aesthetics during use; In the long run, it will save the cost of investment, repair, ... for users.

  1. Mobile tents help promote the brand

Trade show tents , tents used for exhibitions to promote products/services,... Considered a cost-effective and long-lasting form of marketing. On the canvas roof is printed the content that users want customers to know & remember: Logo, brand name, product/service name, name of a campaign being deployed,...

  1. Tarpaulin with flexible mobility

The outstanding advantage of the 3mx3m tarpaulin is the convenience, ease of erecting - collapsing without affecting the surrounding items / does not take up much space; So transportation is also very simple, not cumbersome. That is why the product is chosen by many customers with different needs: Individual retail, temporary markets, sidewalk sales, covering furniture & tables in households or are camping groups, picnics, ...

Compact smart design, can be used in many different terrains without clearance. It is like a small eco-friendly house.

Mobile canvas house 3x3m
3x3m mobile canvas tent with many outstanding features (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)


Known as a unit with more than 10 years of experience specializing in manufacturing 3m x 3m mobile tarpaulins made of aluminum alloy and many other large tents for events, installing warehouses, garages, accommodation houses for workers,... Hoang Sa Viet is always proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of providing the most prestigious portable canvas tents and fairgrounds .

We own a team of highly specialized technicians, modern machinery systems and advanced production technology. Coming to us, you not only get quality products but also receive many outstanding incentives: Competitive price, dedicated advice & service.

Mobile canvas house 3x3m
Professional production of portable canvas houses (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)

Mobile canvas house 3mx3m
Hoang Sa Viet - Manufacturer of 3x3 aluminum frame tents (Source: Internet)

With detailed information about the above mentioned mobile tent product parameters and outstanding features. Surely customers have had a better overview of the product. For advice and quotation of 3m x 3m mobile tarpaulin , please contact hotline 0985 999 345 for advice. Hoang Sa Viet hopes to have the opportunity to cooperate with you as soon as possible.

Price list of Mobile tarpaulins (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)
Price list of Mobile tarpaulins (Source: Hoang Sa Viet)
Portable canvas house-1
The mobile canvas house is manufactured in the factory

Mobile canvas house-2
Completing the assembly of the mobile canvas house Hoang Sa Viet company

Mobile canvas house-3
Workers are manufacturing portable canvas houses in Hoang Sa Viet

Portable canvas house-4
Completing the assembly of the mobile canvas house

Mobile canvas house-5
Portable canvas house - actual photo at the factory

Mobile canvas house-6
Factory for the production of mobile canvas houses

Portable canvas house-7
Portable canvas house - actual photo

Mobile canvas house-8
Portable canvas house - actual photo

Mobile canvas house-9
Workers produce portable canvas houses at the factory

Mobile canvas tent-10
Preparing to hand over the mobile canvas house to customers

Portable canvas house-11
Preparing to hand over the mobile canvas house at the factory
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