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P3.91 Outdoor Stage LED Screen

Product code: Màn hình LED P3.91-outdoor

  • Origin: China
  • Trademark:
  • Frame frequency: 60 Hz
  • Refresh Rate (Hz): 1200 Hz
  • Average power consumption/m2: 600W/m2
  • Maximum power consumption /m2: 1000W/m2
  • Clear vision distance: 4m
  • Lifespan: 100000 hours
  • 1 year warranty
Status: Stocking

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In addition to the events held indoors, there are also a series of outdoor events of a similar nature. However, people cannot use indoor stage LED screens for outdoor use but need other types of LED screens with more specific features. One of the most popular types of outdoor stage LED screens (Outdoor) today is the P3.91 LED screen. So what are the outstanding advantages of this LED screen, please find out through the article below.

✅ Advantages Of Outdoor P3.91 Stage LED Screen

P3.91 outdoor stage LED screen (Outdoor) has a physical distance between pixels of 3.91mm, is the type of LED screen most chosen by agencies, organizations and businesses today because of its advantages. Highlights

P3.91 LED screen in outdoor stage (source: Internet)
  • P3.91 stage LED screen has a pixel density of ≥ 65,400 dots/m2, wide color length (≥16.7 million colors ≤218,000 billion colors) and 40% higher brightness than conventional screens.
  • Not affected by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, high water resistance.
  • Capable of manually converting a standard format file such as: Bmp, Jpg, GIF... to the most optimal format with LED display characteristics. In addition, Led P3.91 can also set up the display screen, automatically scale the image to fit the display size without affecting image quality, set up a projection schedule from time to time. can.
  • P3.91 LED screen gives a clear display image, can adjust the brightness arbitrarily, the projection quality is extremely clear for both day and night, creating beautiful effects.
  • Easy to disassemble, transport to hold events in many different locations.
  • Reasonable price, high durability helps reduce many costs in the long run (Warranty and maintenance costs, labor, time,...)

✅ Application Of Outdoor P3.91 Stage LED Screen

P3.91 LED display installed for outdoor performance (source: internet)

Outdoor P3.91 LED display (Outdoor) is currently being widely used. P3.91 LED screen is present on the stage of many large and small events, such as: holding an outdoor opening ceremony, holding a gala night, launching an outdoor event, or using an LED screen. Outdoor wedding shows the happiness of couples,...

However, the disadvantage of the outdoor P3.91 LED screen is that it cannot withstand too high a temperature that will affect the life of the LED module, so when using the P3.91 LED screen, customers, Investors should also pay attention to this issue.

✅ Prestigious And Quality P3.91 Outdoor Stage LED Screen Supplier

The demand for P3.91 LED screens is increasing, followed by the development of many consulting, construction and LED screen installation units. Currently, customers are faced with many choices and must consider carefully when choosing a reputable unit to implement their project.

As one of the long-term units in the distribution of LED products and components, and a unit with a lot of experience in consulting, construction and installation of LED screens, Hoang Sa Viet LED display company has received many awards. Customers trust "send full trust". Coming to Hoang Sa Viet, customers can be completely assured when they have a team of consultants and technicians with many years of experience in the profession ready to help and support and at the same time provide the fastest quotation at the lowest cost. most reasonable, helping customers save significant investment costs.

✅ Contact Information For Outdoor P3.91 Stage LED Screen Installation

  • Hotline: 0985.999.345
  • Email: hungpham@hoangsaviet.com
  • Website: hoangsaviet.com

✅ Specifications of outdoor P3.91 LED screen (outdoor)

Types of LED Modules P3.91 SMD3535
LED Module Size 256mm * 128mm
Application Out side
Module Resolution 256*128
Pixel Density (Pixel) 62500 dots/㎡
View Horizontal 150° Vertical 120°
Number of colors displayed 16.5 million colors
Scan method 1/8
Input voltage AC 110V/220V
Gray scale 16384 / 14 bits
Active humidity 10 90%
Operating temperature -10°C 90°C
Frame frequency 60 Hz
Refresh Rate (Hz) 1200 Hz
Average power consumption/m2 600W/m2
Maximum power consumption /m2 1000W/m2
Clear viewing distance 4m
Longevity 100000 hours
Input signal VGA, HDMI, DVI,…
Operating system Windows