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Today, the development of technology leads to the development of many professions, including the industry of event organization, performance organization and event stage rental. In the past, almost all companies made iron stages for installation because there was almost no better alternative. But over time, it was found that the iron stage has many disadvantages such as: heavy, unsafe, heavyweight, difficult to move and install, large human resources,... Since then, the stage is portable by contract. aluminum alloy began to be born and received enthusiastically from customers.

Hoang Sa Viet with more than 9 years of experience in the industry, understand the difficulties and desires of our customers when buying or renting assembled portable stage and other stage equipment. Therefore, Hoang Sa Viet has focused on researching, researching and learning from international experiences to apply to the production of a product named: ALUMINUM ALLOY MOBILE ASSEMBLY STAGE. Products launched in 2018 in the industry exhibition: The largest stage, sound and light in Vietnam Prosound 2018.

As a unit that directly produces and develops Aluminum Alloy Mobile Assembly Stage, this product will therefore have many advantages. The design of the stage is not only made of durable, beautiful, light and safe aluminum alloy, but the design with the step-up podium will help the stage be adjusted to the desired height, saving both costs and expenses. human resources setup.

Quality inspection of mobile assembly stage at TV station HTV

assembly stage production factory
Viettruss' theatrical production workshop

Viettruss. stage frame factory

htv . aluminum stage
T6061-T6. aluminum alloy truss frame

✅ Advantages of portable stage, aluminum alloy assembly stage

  • Quick assembly stage (100m2 in just 60 minutes with 3 workers)
  • The stage is light and durable because of the non-oxidizing aluminum alloy material
  • The stage uses high-quality water-resistant film-coated plywood
  • Outdoor durable waterproof plywood stage suitable for events, rental companies
  • Japan JIS H4100 Tested High-Quality Standard Stage
  • The stage height can be flexibly raised from 0.4m - 2.0m
  • The stage responds well to uneven terrain
  • Labor and transportation costs are reduced by more than 60%
  • The investment efficiency is very high compared to the stage products made of iron stage material
assembly stage for the event
Stage assembled for the event

Assembly stage in hotel restaurant
Assembly stage in restaurant - hotel