High Quality Event Flooring Pallets

High Quality Event Flooring Pallets

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Pallet, also known as Coppa, is often used to line the floor at events such as: Groundbreaking, groundbreaking ceremony, ... Places with rough terrain, worried about muddy rainy weather. , flooding, fear of killing plants, etc. So pallets are always the perfect and professional solution for large outdoor events.

✅ What are the outstanding advantages of floor pallets?

Pallets have 2 main forms: wooden pallets and plastic pallets. The outstanding advantages of pallets, are:

  • Easy to move, easy to install
  • Save installation time and labor costs
  • Very good bearing capacity
  • Durable, sturdy, can be spread on all types of surfaces, especially when spread on the grass floor does not kill the grass
  • Avoid rainy weather, don't worry about flooding affecting the program
  • Especially suitable for outdoor events: Inauguration, groundbreaking, ground breaking,...

Flooring plastic pallets
Flooring plastic pallets (Source: Collectibles)

Pallets with wooden floor coverings
Wooden pallets (Source: Collectibles)

After setting up the pallet, an extra layer of carpet can be spread to add more aesthetics, elegance and professionalism to the event. It is often used to make photobooth flooring.

✅ Renting pallets for flooring at Hoang Sa Viet company

Hoang Sa Viet is a famous event and equipment rental company in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces, We are confident to guarantee the perfect quality of pallets with large quantities up to tens of thousands of meters. square. If you have any questions, please contact hotline 0985 999 345 for advice and support!

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