Top 7 Midas Mixers Most Interested In The Last 3 Years

Top 7 Midas Mixers Most Interested In The Last 3 Years

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Today's vibrant market of Mixer products is an open opportunity for businesses to develop and assert their brands. In addition to new brands, long-standing brands receive more attention from customers because of the quality, prestige, design and price of products, ... Prominent are the brand's Mixer lines. Midas .

✅ About Midas brand

Midas is one of the high-end mixer brands of the Music group, born in 1970 in the context of the world music scene in general and the UK in particular booming and creating a big wave.

For 40 years of continuous research and development with a team of leading engineers in the world, Midas has become a legend of the world audio industry, and is one of the brands that receive high praise from customers as well as customers. experts.

✅ Top 7 Midas Mixers Most Interested In The Last 3 Years

✔ Midas M32R Mix Mixer

Midas M32R . Mixer
Midas M32R . Mixer

Mixer M32R is a great combination of classic British mixer design and advanced modern technology widely used in stage, performance, events,...Mixer Midas M32R with 32 lines and set structure The product frame is specially designed by a esteemed design expert, making it possible for the M32R to last for many years in the harsh conditions of the stage environment.

Moreover, with outstanding advantages, the M32R is considered by experts to be one of the better audio mixing solutions than other modules in the same segment.

  • Midas M32R . Mixer Specifications

Input processing channel

32 input channels, 8 Aux channels and 8 FX . channels

Output processing channel


Signal processing (resolution)

40 bits

The AES50 port allows up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs

8DCA and 6 groups of mute

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✔ Midas DM16 Mixer

Mixer Midas DM16 is an analog mixer at a mid-range price that the Midas brand wants to send to customers. The mixer has a simple design with 16 channels suitable for performing bands.

Midas DM16 . Mixer
Midas DM16 . Mixer

This device can help with extremely low noise, and is sure to be a great product for mixing sounds.

  • Midas DM16 . Mixer Specifications

Mixer type



16 channels (including 2 stereo channels)

Input - Mic Preamps

12 x XLR

Input - Line number

12 x 1/4" TRS, 4 x 1/4" TRS (2 stereo channels)

Output - Main

2 x XLR (main), 2 x 1/4" (monitor)

Output - Other

2 x RCA stereo pairs (record out, 2 tracks)


16 x 60mm faders

Dimensions(H x W x D)

3.7" x 17.2" x 14.6"

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✔ Midas M32 Mixer

If you have ever known Midas Mixer, then surely customers will also know this Midas M32 Mixer series, because this is one of the outstanding product lines for Midas' digital mixer line.

M32 . Midas Mixer
Midas M32 . Mixer

Inspired by the design of cars, Midas M32 is like a luxury "supercar" in the mid-range segment with 32 lines, carrying many outstanding features compared to other products in the same segment.

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✔ Midas 12FX Mixer

The Midas 12FX mixer is a 12-line analog mixer with a clean, simple design that gives users a great mixing device.

Midas Mixer RM-12FX
Mixer Midas 12FX

Outstanding features of the Midas RM-12FX Mixer model:

  • Solid outer frame with high quality materials, high strength, extremely good impact resistance

  • Deep black paint color, high durability - good water resistance, scratch resistance

  • The system of alignment knobs is arranged scientifically, reasonably, and is user-friendly

  • Large LCD screen, quick and detailed display

  • Good anti-howling, extremely low noise level for smoother, more vivid sound

  • Easily combine with other audio devices on the market with the multi-standard jack system

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✔ Midas DM12 mixer

Midas DM12 is a mid-range analog mixer designed with 12 lines suitable for both stage and studio use, especially thanks to its unique design, it will be the ideal choice for mixing instrument sounds.

Midas DM12 is considered a simple but extremely excellent mixing solution, because of its special sound quality, low noise, good sound and high fidelity.

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✔ Midas Pro1-IP Mixer

The Pro1-IP mixer is equipped with 48 input channels, a prestigious digital product line that has received many audio awards.

Midas Pro1-IP . Mixer
Midas Pro1-IP . Mixer

The design of Mixer Pro1-IP is much improved compared to other products in the same class. The product frame is designed with aluminum and aluminum alloy, light weight and highly aesthetic. At the same time, the Pro1-IP Mixer also impresses with its extremely well-controlled latency and precise processing, allowing up to 172 input channels to be assigned.

This is a mixer that is full of Midas quintessence and creates a great buzz for this famous brand.

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Midas Pro2-CC-IP . Mixer

Breakthrough Midas Pro2-CC-IP mixer with 64 input channels. Like the series in the company's Mixer Pro series, the Pro2-CC-IP stands out for its extremely well controlled latency and high precision, making it suitable for high profile live sound applications.

Midas Pro2-CC-IP . Mixer
Midas Pro2-CC-IP . Mixer

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It is no coincidence that Midas is known as a globally famous brand. Mixer product lines from this brand have been introduced by Hoang Sa Viet in the above article. Hopefully, this information will be really helpful for customers to choose the most suitable Midas Mixer.

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