Speaker CAF VF-10

Speaker CAF VF-10

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  • Origin: China
  • Brand: CAF
  • Warranty 12 months
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✅ CAF VF-10 home karaoke speaker

The CAF VF-10 line of mini line arrays has a capacity to be miniaturized with a size that is respectably reduced by engineers, but still produces a powerful, powerful sound, for a realistic, vivid sound, meeting a wide space. big.

Home karaoke speaker CAF VF-10

✔ Outstanding features of home karaoke speakers CAF VF-10

  • 1 subwoofer has built-in power, providing 2 full range speakers for even sound in all frequency bands.
  • With the total maximum power of the whole speaker up to 2x300W + 1000W/8Ω, great sensitivity, the product gives vivid, powerful sound quality, spreading in a large sound space.
  • The high-end, modern suspension system allows height adjustment and the increase and decrease of the launch angle depending on the needs of use, providing a wide sound coverage, far sound projection.
  • The speaker design is assembled into an array, simplifying wiring, easy installation, hanging and removal.
  • The product is suitable for wedding, exhibition, stage, hall, outdoor event sound system.
  • In addition, the CAF VF-10 also integrates a DSP digital processor that allows in-depth sound refinement with effects like EQ, Comp, Limit, Delay... creating a sound system with perfect sound quality. satisfy and satisfy users

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