3 Fashion Show Light Equipment Rental Package

3 Fashion Show Light Equipment Rental Package

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To get the perfect lighting system for the fashion show, the sound and light rental unit needs to consider & survey the catwalk stage very carefully. In order to have a complete lighting system, the lighting designer needs to pay attention to the first stage of determining the shape and size of the performance stage.

✅ What equipment does the "fashion show light 3" package include?

3 . fashion show lighting equipment package
3 . fashion show lighting equipment package
Fashion show light set in Autumn collection
Fashion Show Lighting in the "Autumn" collection

✔ 01 Tiger Touch Mixer

Tiger touch is a new version of one of the most modern mixers available today, full of smart features to control a large number of different stage lights. This is a mixer line suitable for professional and monumental stages such as: Music performance stage, fashion show, disco, bar, ...

Mixer Tiger Touch - Light Control
Mixer Tiger Touch - Light console

✔ 42 54*3w stage lights

54 3in1 led par lights use 54 3 in 1 RGB led eyes to mix colors to create background colors for the stage, making the stage stand out and unique. The 54 color par led lights work in 4 modes: Auto, music, Master/Slave mode or DMX512 mode. In DMX mode, the lights work by channel: 3 or 7.

54x3W stage led par light
54x3W stage led par light

✔ 26 Par lights 64

With a professional catwalk, you need 16 Par 64 lights (also known as halogen lights) to help create a yellow light for stage lighting, with a capacity of 1000w/piece to support filming and photography. Objects when on pictures or videos for the clearest and most realistic quality. Par 64 lights have very flexible RGB mixing capabilities, are controlled by a DMX table, and are uniquely sensitive to music.

Molded Par lamp for golden light
Molded Par lamp for golden light

✔ 20 Moving head beam 230w/330w

Moving head beam 230w/330w is a line of lights that create colored light and pattern effects for the stage. Capable of 540 degrees of horizontal rotation, 270 degrees of vertical rotation, the projection distance can be up to 2km at night. In particular, they have extremely good water resistance according to IP65 standard, so when installing outdoor fashion show events, there is no need to worry about rain affecting product quality.

Moving head beam 330W
LabelsMoving head beam 330W

✔ 26 Beam/spot/wash lights

Currently, there are many different beam / spot / wash lights, with different power levels. Depending on the size of the program, the installer can choose the most suitable product line. This light is used to illuminate the stage, has the ability to rotate the head to create a beautiful effect for the stage.

Beam lights for professional stage
Beam lights for professional stage

✔ 24 Par white warm lights illuminate the performance stage

The Par White Warm 4x100W series of lamps are very popular today, using super bright and wide LED technology. The most prominent specifications, including:

  • Using OSRAM bulbs imported from Germany
  • Can replace old lights such as: Par 64, Blinder
  • Voltage: AC 90~275V, 50~60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 4x100W
  • Ball type: OSRAM LED 4x100W Warm White
  • Color temperature: 3200K
  • Number of DMX channels: 8
  • Flash speed and brightness control: 0-100%
  • Long LED lamp life: >6000 hours
Warm par white light for warm white light
Warm par white light for warm white light

✔ 12 Blinder Lamps 02 bulbs

Blinder 2 LED bulbs, each eye has a capacity of 200W, providing strong light with wide angle. This line of lights has 3 main colors, including: Yellow light, warm yellow light, white light; Combined with many flashing effects to help create an event space with more emotional frames.

Blinder lamp 2x200W works in 4 modes: Auto, sound induction, master & slave and via DMX console. In addition, it has a compact design, easy to install when hanging on truss frames, convenient for setup.

Blinder 2 bulbs
Blinder 2 bulbs

✔ 02 Follow performers on stage

Currently, customers are tending to like follow lights. This line of lights will emit a beam of light, helping to highlight a certain point or position on the stage. If installed for the catwalk, it helps the audience & guests focus more attention on the collections. In addition to fashion shows, follow lights are also installed a lot for wedding parties, big music performance stages,...

Follow lights illuminate performers on stage - Focus attention
Follow lights illuminate performers on stage - Focus attention

✔ 02 Antari 3000w

The Antari 3000W smoke generator not only features the ability to create floating cold smoke and is the ground, but also has the ability to save up to 25% of electricity due to the nebulizer operating at low temperatures.

Researched and manufactured based on strict processes, the quality of the Antari 3000W smoke generator is highly appreciated by lighting technicians and customers. Experts recommend this product for large venues, professional events. So, for fashion shows, Antari 3000W will be very suitable and can be said to be indispensable.

Antarri 3000W
Antarri 3000W . Smoke Generator

✅ Accessories included in the package “fashion show light 3”

  • Power cord, signal wire for lights
  • Truss aluminum frame system for hanging lights: from 100m to 150m

✅ Rental cost in package "fashion show lighting 3" at Hoang Sa Viet

The cost of the rental package for fashion show lighting equipment 3 is about 55,000,000 VND .

Above is a package of 3 high-end fashion show lighting equipment, depending on the shape of the stage and the customer's wishes for the installation unit to change to the most suitable. If you have any further questions, please contact hotline 0985 999 345 (Press key 2) for enthusiastic support!

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