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Bàn Điều Khiển Ánh Sáng DMX Shape Generator

Mã sản phẩm: MINI-SHAPE-1024

  • Xuất xứ: China
  • Thương hiệu: Goodwill
  • Bảo hành: 1 Năm
Tình trạng: Còn hàng

chọn mua:

Mua hàng

Bàn Điều Khiển Ánh Sáng DMX Shape Generator

Technical Parameters

DMXchannel: 1024

Power: AC100V-240V/50-60Hz

ART-NET Port: Support

RDM: Support

Channels for each fixture: 40 primary + 40 fine tune

Library: R20 library supported

Time control of Scenes: Fade in/out, LTP slope

Shape generator: Shapes of Dimmer, Pan/Tilt, RGB, CMY, Color, Gobo, Iris and Focus

Master slider: Global

USB Memory: FAT32 supported

Fixture: 120

Dimmer: 120

Built-in shape: 227

Palette: 100

Program to record: 100

Playback: 120

Playbacksto run simultaneously: 12

Scene steps: 600

Shapes for each Scene: 5

Shapes to run simultaneously: 10

LCD display with back light: Support

Bilingual operation: Support

Scene and dimmer by slider: Support

Swap Scene: Support

Flash Scene: Support

Re-patched Fixture address: Support

Swap Pan/Tilt: Support

Channel slope modification: Support

Reversed channel output: Support

Real time blackout: Support

Channel value by wheel: Support

Channel value by slider: Support

Dimmer by slider: Support

Net. Weight: 11KG

Weight in Flight Case: 15KG

Weight in Carton: 26KG

Shapes Introduction

A shape is simply a sequence of values which can be applied to any attribute of a fixture. A “circle” shape, for example, applied to the pan and tilt attributes, would cause the fixture to move its beam around in a circular pattern. You can set the centre point of the circle, the size of the circle and the speed of the circle movement.

In addition to beam position shapes, there are a large number of other shapes available in this console. The shapes are defined for a particular attribute such as colour, dimmer, focus and so on. Some shapes will not work with some fixtures; focus shapes, for example, can produce nice “focus pull” effects on fixtures which have DMX focusing, but will do nothing on fixtures which don’t have focusing.

When you use a shape with more than one fixture, you can choose to either apply the shape identically to all the fixtures, or offset them so that the shape runs along the fixtures creating “wave” or “ballyhoo” type effects. This is called the spreadof the shape.

In 1024, 5 shapes can be run simultaneously, but, only 1 shape is editable.

Select A Shape

1) Select fixtures

2) Press [Shape] in “Function area”

3) Press [A] Playback a shape

4) Press [Up] or [Down] to select a shape type and confirm with a soft key

5) Press [Up] or [Down] to select a shape and confirm with a soft key

Edit A Shape

1) Press [Shape] in “Function area”

2) Press [B] Edit a shape

3) Highlight the shape that you want to edit with a soft key; then, press [Exit] to exit this menu

4) Press [C] Shape Parameters

5) Highlight the parameter that you want to modify with a soft key; then, change the value with [Wheel Value].

● Size: The amplitude.

● Speed: The running speed of the shape.

● Repeat: Repeats pattern after repeat number of fixtures.

● Spread: How the instruments are spread across the pattern, 0=even spread.

Delete A Shape

1) Press [Shape] in “Function area”

2) Press [Delete] in “Function area”

3) Highlight the shape that you want to delete

4) Press [Enter] to confirm.

Kích thước Chiều cao 64 cm
Chiều rộng 44 cm
Chiều sâu 31 cm
Trọng lượng 23 kgs
Nguồn điện AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Công suất 570W
Màu Sắc Đen Trắng