Play Box Kystar P2S

Play Box Kystar P2S

Mã: P2S

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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  • Xuất xứ: China
  • Thương hiệu: KyStar
  • Chiều cao:  mm
  • Chiều rộng:  mm
  • Chiều sâu :  mm
  • Trọng lượng:  kgs
  • Bảo hành: 1 Năm
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✅ Multimedia Player P2s Product Specification

✔ Summary

KYSTAR P2s is a multimedia player that integrates sending card and playback terminal. Compared with the traditional synchronous playback scheme, it can reduce the need for computer playback terminal, which is easy to control at any time. It has compact size, strong performance, powerful function and greater carrying capacity.

It has great potential in the fields of mirror screen, lamp pole screen and full-color door display.

✔ Product characteristics

- Gigabit gateway * 2, single gateway 650000 points, 1.3 million points on board, the widest 1920 points, the highest 1080 points;
- WIFI 、Hundred Megabit Network Port and USB Direct Connection
- Built-in 8GB (5.5G available), U disk expansion
- 3.5mm audio output, audio and video synchronous output
- Supporting multi-window and multi-material simultaneous playback on screen
- Support for wireless screen configuration via mobile phone and computer without USB cable
- New Kommander PE program editing, drag and drop operation,
- Simple APP has full control over screen adjustment and editing. It can play with big screen and master it well.

✔ Input/Output Interface

- Input: USB*2,SDI card( install)
- Output:2 lan port
- Control port: com,wan port,wifi

✔ Load

- Loading: 1.3 million
- Max width: 1920
- Max height: 1080

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